The acorns of my creative mind

As I mentioned in my about page, I’m writing a book. And why should I? Well it seems to be the fashion nowadays, especially with the added advantage of self publishing. The dawn of the self publishers, started a revolution by sticking two fingers (metaphorically of course) up to being placed at the bottom of the work pile, to ‘be discovered’. Instead they shout out loud “I discovered me, and here’s a book about it..”  They say it’s vanity publishing but in the words of that song ‘I’m too sexy for a shirt!’ I’m vain, I’ve got over it. I would just like to point out here,  I respect main stream publishers, they do a lot, but I think it’s nice that we have choices.

Any way, writing a book seems like a good idea, plus it’s in the blood so to speak. Starting off with my grandparents in the 50’s (script writers) and now more recently my parent (novels and poetry.)  Not much pressure there then… That said, I don’t take the approach of comparing, or competing; it’s more of a personal enjoyment. I’m one of those writers (and I’d like to see more) that feels it necessary to self praise, improve upon what I do but not in a tortured artist kind of  way, for the attention. I’m a happy creative.

Image by me (c).  "The greatest Oaks have been little Acorns."  D. Everett
Image by me (c).
“The greatest Oaks have been little Acorns.” D. Everett

Putting the book concept down for a minute – the issue with my type of writing (informative writing for businesses,) is that it always leads down an awkward conversational road. They say “ah, a writer! Books – what genre?” I say “no articles – whatever the clients want.” Silence. They say ” have you ever thought about writing a book?” Silence. They say “or perhaps a script – what about play writing?” I say, ” I’m not that kind of writer…” Silence on my part with a shrug followed by  “you never know,” to give my interrogator some hope.

Back to the book. I’m envious (in a proud way) that my author friends can tell people what they do and their audience know exactly what it is, without blank expressions. But mainly, I want that added luxury of being able to hook someone in with an interesting plot. Then,  announcing (in an oh so modern way) “you can purchase MY book on (insert online store and book title)’, with a ‘it makes a great Christmas present!’ Wink – nudge – wink.

Anyhow, there’s more ‘valid’ reasons as to why I want to write a book, minus the showing off.  But it will be good to have’ the’ conversations with people, maybe I’ll try standing in the street corner and volunteering the information. You know, like bringing the social media experience to a street near you!

Now let me tell you why I’ve avoided book writing in the past. The only reason I’ve got is simply because I’ve a very, very, VERY short attention span. In fact 1000 words max and you can’t write a lot in that word count. It’s not just something that I face with books nope, relationships, friends, family, myself even and I’m surprised that  I’ve kept Mum for this long (nudge – wink moment.)

In my defense, I like quick, to the point, no fuss – move on. I know it’s not one of my desirable qualities. I get these crazy ideas – last month, I wanted to design my own lingerie range and that lasted exactly 3 weeks. . I sketched, researched, made contacts and then I simply lost interest.The month before that,  I decided that the delivery man from the local Chinese would make a great best friend because of his love in fashion and men.   Then he gave me non veggi spring roles, and I decided that mistakes like this could escalate…

If I told you every idea / decision  that I’d had / made since 5, that I didn’t complete; you’d think that I have no stickability.

The good news for both of us is that, I do have stickability but only when I do things that are a passion to me.  Some are born knowing what they’re meant to do. Myself, well I have these ‘phases’ that I like to entertain with the idea of them becoming  a permanent habit. They’re constant in my life, like a game of tennis.  What I’m learning (as I’m getting older) is that focus has everything to do with getting where you want to in life. The tennis maybe fun, and I will reward my brain for having so many ideas but my next lesson in the next say 5 years is to then stick with it and expand

The even better news is, I’m not one of those that takes 10 years to decide upon whether it’s right or wrong (that’s OK if you are,) but that’s where my short attention span comes in very handy!!  That said,  I will be one of those older people that gets taught new tricks because the brain is meant to be used and challenged. If that means, a new career / hobby  at 70 – so be it.

So with regards to the book;  I can’t tell you whether it’s a life long passion yet, because I’m only 3 chapters in, (but for someone who can’t finish toast before starting on the cereal, it’s a good start!) It’s a weekend hobby, something that I look forward to.

Thanks for reading,

Chelsea – Louise


8 thoughts on “The acorns of my creative mind

    1. Thank you, and thank you for reading. I’ll be writing a lot more of my experiences as I go a long. Yes it’s very inspiring to be to able to read what people are experiencing – and I find it motivating too!

      Awesome of you to stop by.

  1. Great post Chelsea! Interesting to see people’s attitude towards writing. There seems to be a rather “forced” stereotype in writing a book that it needs to be published and for a career. So-called “leisure-writers” don’t appear to be present that much. But yet again, the infamous form “FanFiction” is a form of leisure writing, probably the first, and most well known, of it’s kind…

    As for the actual writing… 3 chapters?! Woah! Congratulations! 😀 I look forward to hearing more about it!


    1. Hey Liam, thank you for taking the time to stop by.

      You’e very right, what a valid point. Many people are not encouraged to write for leisure purposes. It always has to end up with some kind aspiration such as being titled a book writer etc.

      I think all of us should do it as a away to encourage our creativity and get our thoughts down on paper, so to speak without the expectations of it leading to a career. And if you are great at it, and want that, then that’s a bonus hey.

      Yes 3 chapters – or at least what I’d describe as short chapters. I’m aiming to keep it a novelet (to stroke my attention span into co – operation)

      Thanks, I’ll sure up date you.


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