No 1 – #lovinglife – weekly smiles

One thing I like to do when I’m acting social media manager for my clients, is to create themes for certain months, weeks or even days. So this is what I’m doing for my blog – each Friday I’m going to share something that makes me love life even more!

So my first weekly smile is a bit of  an ‘aww moment’.  The first thing you should know is that I LOVE owls. They’re so mysterious, they come out of a night time (like I do) and they make the most wonderful noises! I’ve a family of them that live across the road from me, and they only seem to make noises when there’s a full moon out… Any way, I’m utterly convinced that my cat was one in a past life.  As not only does he make the same hooting noise but his head does that twitching thing. I’ve yet to catch him go the whole 360 degree route but there’s still time.

So, on Facebook this week I saw the most sweetest picture / video. This little owl was obviously made to be loved.

Source :
Source :

According to the article, where the picture originates from, these little owls are celebrated in Greece because they’re ‘considered sacred to the goddess Athena, goddess of wisdom, and is still represented in many good luck charms.’

And to get the full ‘awww’ effect you have to watch the video too. Now I’m not one of those girls that goes gooey at babies, but these little guys well lets just say, I do have a few heart-strings! 😉

So that’s my #lovinglife theme for this week. If you join me on Twitter, please come and tell me what’s making you love life and remember to include the hashtag. (see above)

Thanks for reading!

Chelsea Louise


6 thoughts on “No 1 – #lovinglife – weekly smiles

  1. Wait, you like owls too?! Me too! They are the best things ever! Love the post! I like how you incorporate Twitter and hashtags into your blog – I’ll have to find a way to incorporate it into my blog, as I would like an increase in my following!

    1. And you too! Woohoo Owl love here 😀 Aww thanks. Yeah it’s something I read about AGES ago. You can do it two ways : tap into a hashtag that’s already there, hence the #lovelife because it’s already got the followers so more chance of being scene. Or create a new one hence the #lovinglifeinwellies. I’ve done both just for the experiment… maybe find one that fits into your readership?

      1. Well that is a good idea! I’ll have to have a think! How’s your experiment with hashtags been going then? I hope it goes well, as I may have to think of one and give it a try! Thanks Chelsea! 😀

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