Rural Realisations 101

I don’t drive. I don’t think I ever want to.  Oh how I’ve tried both manual and automatic,  I’ve even entertained the scooter and  motor bike concept. My hand and eye coordination are not the best.   I like to be the ‘gazer out of the window’ type, see who’s in the back seat, spot the customized license plates and wave at passersby.

Source : www.
Source : www.

I’ve tried this whilst driving (during my lessons) and it didn’t go down too well with the other road users. Apparently I should have ‘indicated’ that I wanted to stop and look at  the pretty scenery!

Any way… whilst I lived in the city, it wasn’t much of an issue. You weren’t really made to feel as though you should drive. Everywhere was in reasonable walking distance and if it wasn’t, that’s what buses were for. And, now you know I’m northern otherwise I would have said tube.  In fact I’m such a northerner that whilst down south, I was told to hush on public transport, I avoid the tube like the gym and I love pasties but have issues with posh pies. I’ll even eat in the street with the old classic – chips, mushy peas and gravy. But that’s another story for another blog..

Back to the matter in hand. I do remember my first dig about not being able to drive. It was from my then ‘boy – friend’ (lets split it up to make it less of a strong word.) He was a country boy and he’d come to pick me up to embark on our dates. After about a month of picking me up in the car, he ‘casually’ asked would I ever drive. I don’t think my NO reassured him. So,  he dropped it in a few times to make sure that I’d really consider my answer. The relationship didn’t last long and he admitted after, that me not driving was a big issue.  Nowadays I can see where he was coming from. Kind of.

Growing up in the city, walking was cool and driving was not a must. Fast forward a year into country living, and I’ve realised that when people ask me if I drive  or not, (actually it’s more what car do I drive?) It’s a bit like having a criteria list for your suitable friend / partner / associate. It’s as though it says a lot about the person’s character.

Any way, since moving here, I owe it to my chauffeurs aka friends that have taken me to some amazing places, hence why I’ve been able to take some great photos! But it’s here  that I realise that I’m missing out on some beautiful locations.

It’s ironic really, us city girls are supposed to be independent, but who’s the one waiting to be picked up?

The last straw was the other day when I went for a meeting. The location was  about a quarter of a mile walk down a country lane which,  was perfectly fine since it was day light and dry at the time.Come half four,  it was dark, pouring down and the wind was howling.  I suddenly realised that…

I need to learn how to fly a plane, and fast!

Ever heard of the term auto pilot?

Thanks for reading!

Chelsea Louise


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