It’s that time of year – kinda post

I’m a little late in blog posting this week, but I’ve had family visiting, so I’m sure you’ll let me off, just once! So firstly I’d just like to inform you that as I sit here watching the countryside blow a gale, I’m all warm in my brand new thermals (more on that later) with a hot cup of lemon tea and THESE…

I ‘resorted’ to the squirty cream, because the local free range cows were out of clotted cream. Something about the next door chickens getting there first! But you’re licking your lips right now aren’t you?

Any way, since it’s ‘that time of year’, before you read on it’s going to be a ‘that time of year’ theme.

I should probably wish you a happy December, I’m sure others got there first (some a week or two early!) I’ve noticed that the last two weeks of November, people are rather keen to get them over and done with, just so that they can put the Christmas tree up. Of course, for the retail industry, that’s around August time!

It’s been a very happy December for me so far, and that’s because this time of year my Nan comes to visit. She holds a special place in my heart and always will. She lives quite a way from me, so I don’t get chance to see her as often as I would like to. But when she does visit, it’s like she’s been here for ages (in a good way!) Unlike me, she LOVES Christmas, and I guess that’s because of her traditional religious background. However as a more new age gal, I like the energy about the happy holiday season. Whilst I’m not one for putting up trees or decorations (my dark secret is out!) I enjoy the atmosphere.

It’s the sitting by the fire with hot drinks, wearing a good jumper (I’m too sexy for a shirt remember) and wondering whether it’s too early in the day, to get the box of special deluxe biscuits out. They’re special deluxe because the manufacturer put them in a tin, and included Santa on the front!

When my Nan visits, it’s like Santa forgot everyone else in the world and morphed in her (minus the beard and gut of course.) She’s a very sensible buyer when it comes to presents. As I get older, I’m appreciating her practical ways. For examples, many of my presents this year were wellies, socks, gloves, scarfs and my new favourite items – thermals!


Let me tell you this, 10 years ago I would have never worn thermals. In fact I would have sat on Snowdonia and froze! Nowadays, I’ll take them everywhere.. it all started with a onsie, from them on, it went down hill. The wellies just added to my wellie love, and nowadays I look at my once worn stilettos with pity.  Moving to the country side has change the way in which I live (queue dramatic block buster music.)


Once you choose warmth and comfortable, fashion starts to hide at the back of the closet…

Any way, getting back to my family theme. This time of year really seems to remind me of just how nice it is to have friends, family and pets around you. It’s warming  to have three generations together. All with different experiences, outlooks on life and opinions but we all share one thing, we love  jam & cream scones     being together.

I know a lot of people say that they’re not big fans of Christmas because it’s turned too commercial and it’s lost its meaning. Whilst I agree, it’s still a time of year that people come together, and get involved in the magic of life. Weather that’s going to see the switch on of the local lights, putting the decorations on the tree and even speaking to those you normally wouldn’t, but you will do because it’s ‘the season of good will’.

The point being, these little acts bring us joy in someway or another. If anything we should take these special moments, and recreate them all year around.

Now where are my sprouts?

Thanks for reading!

Chelsea Louise




2 thoughts on “It’s that time of year – kinda post

  1. Yep, I’m definitely drooling over that first photo. Yum! Wish we had clotted cream over here — it’s hard to find. I did get to enjoy it once when I was at a restaurant in Tavistock.

    I like the sound of your Nan. She seems like a fun person.

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