Buying local in Oswestry


Whilst out in Oswestry today, I thought I’d write a blog on my day  because it fits in with Twitter’s #SmallBizSatUK. If you don’t know what that is, it means it’s a day/trend where people support their small and local businesses by using their services.

Psst! No pictures of my own as I’m having technical issues. 

I’ve been a small business for a few years now, so I’ve always been a fan of supporting them. Without sending you asleep with the stats (it’s a weekend after all) did you know, small businesses are actually the backbone of the UK?! With only a small percentage classed as a corporation. (Rightly so!)  

I say that I’m a supporter, but more so now compared to  when I was living in the city. There,  it’s easy to be pulled towards  the bright lights of the well known brands. Only because they’ve got a lot of money to advertise, they get the best locations, and they’ve got a ton of money to convince you that they’re the best thing since sliced jam.  I’ve heard many reasons why people use faceless corporations : more variety, cheaper, convenient and it goes on.

Personally I like to support local and small businesses because they’ve better customer relations, it’s quicker to be served, products last longer, better value for money and they have good ethics.  I find shopping local and small a lot more pleasant and I know my money makes a big difference.

I particularly love buying food from my local town. Especially when the farmer’s markets are on. I know that my fruit and veg is fresh, and free from the corporation stamp that includes GM and assorted chemicals. Plus I love all of the misshapen veg that you can get. I have hours of fun telling people what it looks like. (Oh how Freud would be proud…) Take for example carrots. If a carrot hits a stone during the growing stages, it sends it off into a funky shape – if this was in the waiting line to be bought by a big supermarket, it would be thrown away because it’s not ‘cosmetically perfect’ (a bit like a nose job just less plastic.)

(c) The Spark

So today, I ventured out to my local markets to see what they had on offer. Although I’ve ate far too much this week, it had to be done!! I stumbled upon a new food stall (it was their first day of trading) called Perfectly Preserved by Carrie and Sarah. I bought some pickled onions (apt with the time of year) stuffed with mustard seeds and peppercorns. As well as some fruit cake dark chocolate truffles. I’m not a big fan of fruit / Christmas cake, but they were actually delish! I was unable to find any reference to them online, but if you do visit Oswestry, they trade Saturdays.

Total £ 3.80

My second stop was at a craft fair. It’s always lovely to visit these, because my town is very arty and there’s some really unique things to buy. I love the love that goes into their products and you can tell that attention to detail has been their number one priority. Rather than it being mass produced by someone earning less than a loaf of bread. My mum kindly bought me some silver earrings – shaped like shoes (to remind me of my more civilized and fashionable days.)

Total £2.00

The last stop was to get a good warm at my second favourite coffee shop in Oswestry – Millano. A hot chocolate and a free mince pie certainly did the trick.

Total £2.25 

Over all the day cost just over £8. Albeit a small amount,  I know that I’m supporting my thriving lovely little market town (mostly made up of family businesses)  which gets more abundant each and every day!

Personally I’d like to see my local council discourage corporations moving in. Take for example the huge Pound Land that we recently got, especially when we already have one that’s independently ran!

Who’s your favourite small or local business and why?

Thanks for reading!

Chelsea Louise

P.S I missed my #lovinglife blog theme Friday due to family visiting, will resume next Friday. 


5 thoughts on “Buying local in Oswestry

  1. We have a farmer’s market on Saturdays and I try to get there when I can. I always visit two stalls: one that makes these great cookies and another that makes jewelry. The second stall owner is French and has this great accent; she’s very wise and a lot of fun to chat with.

    Interesting that you do small business Saturdays in the U.K. So do we!

  2. That’s awesome. You see, it’s these little things that make it so pleasurable to buy from local trade. You don’t get fun chat with bigger businesses. Usually just, worker bees, that are there because they’re paid to be.

    I’m presuming that you’re from the U.S? That is interesting, it seems everywhere is supporting small businesses. and rightly so!

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