Getting my Jelly on at Lion Quays

Mondays, I love seeing the revolution of Monday lovers. I must admit, it has taken me a while (23 years a while) to be part of the revolution,  but then I came across this…


The second Monday of every month, I organise a co-working event for Jelly UK. I say ‘I’ but in fact it should be ‘we’. With a lot of help from my friend Gina – who’s turned up for the last three that I’ve been unable to make (she gets to wear the better cape!)

Anyway, today was the 2nd Monday of every month, where I pay a visit to Lion Quays Waterside. It has become one of my favourite venues because of their resident peacock  (nope that’s not a euphemism) called Eugene. It’s a respectable establishment so I have to trade in the wellies and waterproofs but only for an afternoon.

Eugene (c) Trip Advisor
Eugene (c) Trip Advisor

I use these days to catch up with things that have been left on the should-have-been-done-months-ago-to-do-list. It never usually works out like that because something pops up that needs doing there and then, but like magic I actually got to complete what I set out to do today!

The beginning after lots of toast & hot chocolate 

Since we’re practically nearly at the end of 2013, there’s every time like the present to begin tieing up (not as fun as it sounds) all of the loose ends and setting my targets for 2014.

Talking of goals  – I’ve been really wanting to show off my new goal diary bought as a Christmas gift, but we’ll come back to that in a short while!

The main thing on my list today was to sort out my computer. It’s the backbone of my life  business and 13 hour days start to take its toll on it. It eats (its favourite crumbs being Pringles or cheese) and it sleeps (its favourite side being the left due to less sunlight) with me.

Recently, I compare my desktop to my mind – cluttered. It’s got random files everywhere, useless pictures and down loaded images / videos  that are just sprawled out taking up space!

It takes  me years  ( a bit dramatic)  to find what I’m actually looking for!!

My morning went like this : 

1.  I trashed all of the items that I don’t want, and save on stick the items that I do need but are not relevant for taking up memory.

2. I created one folder for my end of year ‘unfinished tasks’ which I aim to complete by December 31st 2013. I then created new folders for the  different topics of work that I do.

3. I  unsubscribed to every useless newsletters I’ve ever signed up for.  If you don’t use it, it’s taking up space and valuable scrolling time. Still ongoing…

4. I deleted online files that I won’t be using, and renamed those that I want that don’t have names and can’t find most of the time!

5. I created another admin on my computer, so when I’m using it for non related work tasks, I can have more space to store.  Plus I don’t get distracted with work things.

4 years ago, I used to laugh at my friend who would organise his DVD collection into alphabetical order. I’d say, “don’t you have better things to do with your time?”  He’d tell me that since his time was precious and well spent when watching his favourite films, it made sense to have them in order. Easier to find meant more time watching. Pretty simple when you think about it. This concept is now expanding out to my wardrobe..!!!

Lunch time without the procrastination 

I had a working lunch, which I don’t usually advocate but I knew if I didn’t, I would have found something interesting on YouTube and that would have been it.   After my lovely broccoli and brie toastie, and lots of chocolate walnut cake it was back to work.

My afternoon consisted of setting goals. I’m delighted to tell you that I’m not as clichéd as in setting goals just because it’s a new year. I like to set my aims and aspirations daily, weekly or even monthly because it helps me to get stuff done.

I’m going to fess up and tell you, (not that you care but it makes me feel better) that I’ve been very slack this year in my goal settings.  Mainly because I’d had such a challenging two years prior, I just wanted some time off in life and work. It kind of helped and I’ve done some amazing things. However, today I reliased that I’m no closer to my over all goal in life and have made more work for myself in the long run!

Lesson learnt, time to find a solution. So I went about setting my goals in my new goal diary and here it is… Tada!

goalSo I’ll tell you what I’m aspiring to do come 2014.  My number one goal for next year  is to get my eCourses up and running. I’m going to be doing them in a range of life and business topics aimed at women in business.  They’re very time-consuming to make,  and it means I’ve to learn lots of new things such as :

1. Video editing

2. Speaking on camera

3. Using equipment that I’ve never used before

One thing that I’ve learnt about setting successful goals, is  that they should adhere to SMART.  So a goal that uses smart looks like this :

On January 31st I will have completed the first 3 sections of my course or January 31st was the day that I completed all 3  sections of my course. 

You can then write smaller goals or objectives to show yourself how you’ve achieved that big goal :

1. On the 1st January, I will have  drafted up my lessons for my complete course.

2. On the 3rd January, I will have had a test run of delivering my draft lessons via the camera.

3. On January 5th, I will begin to record my final version and have them completed by the 7th of January.

And so it goes on.

If I don’t make the exact dates, that’s OK. It’s just meant to act as a guide.

One of my ultimate goals this year is to be comfortable being on camera. It’s funny how when I log on to my Facebook, I see 13 year olds looking cool behind the lens rating class mates  hot or not. ( Yes that does happen.) So I thought, if they can do it – surely I can right?

One of my goals today was ticked off, and that was to buy a microphone so that I can begin to record my lessons after I’ve scripted them which I will start this weekend.

The end  with chocolate on my face 

I felt very clear, and my mind feels like I’ve cleared out the clutter (the work clutter any way)  which means I’ve a fresh and bouncy mattress ( aka brain) to jump up and down on.

It’s not entirely the end, more coming soon…

Thanks for reading,

Chelsea Louise

P.S If you’re interested in knowing more about coworking, and / or are local to the Shropshire area and would like to attend one of  my coworking days, please drop me an email at :


2 thoughts on “Getting my Jelly on at Lion Quays

  1. I have been wanting to attend a Jelly for a while now – it’s always difficult for me to get a free day (because of my son’s tennis/home education schedule) but I definitely am going to get to one soon!!

    Love the idea of reclaiming Monday 🙂 I may start thing of it as ‘Mon’day from now on

    1. Hi Sally!

      They’re very good, if you need any help with getting in touch with your area Jelly organier then let me know, and I’m happy to help.

      Yes it is wonderful, and helps when the alarm goes off! It’s strange how we attach such negative associations to just one day that’s no different really, to the rest of the week.

      Thanks for reading,

      P.S I was home school, lovely to know others are doing it too!

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