Tea, Toast & Vintage in Oswestry

In the words of Julie Andrews ‘these are a few of my favourite things’…

So, even though I’ve been living around the Oswestry area for over a year now, I’m still discovering new places. It’s relatively a small town but I’m so used to going  to the same places because I’m a customer of habit, it sometimes takes me a little longer to catch on to the even better places!

It was actually thanks to my Mum that we found this place. She’s the opposite to me, she likes different.

Just by the old unused rail tracks, there’s a big building which I’m guessing used to be part of the train station. It’s a grand building, and lovely to see it’s not been modernized with those  lightish coloured bricks that they use nowadays.  In side of this lovely building is a mixture of apartments and offices but I never knew there was a giant vintage store plus quaint cafe.

Cambrian House Emporium is a collectors and vintage lovers paradise – selling everything from home made produce, clothes, furniture and even bikes. It’s my idea of paradise anyway but minus the white sands!

Honestly, you need hours to get around the place. But on my last trip there, I got some lovely vintage rings – they’re cute right?

After ‘mentally’ buying everything in the store, it was time for some refreshments. Usually, I’m quite partial to popping into Weather Spoons, until now.

Cambrian Coffee House is a quaint little coffee house that only offers the best cheese on toast that there is, but a great view of the entire store so that you can browse from a distance whilst eating.  Its squishy sofas, and antique tables are fantastic and you feel like you’re in a 1920’s – 1960’s film set. It’s hard to explain, so you’d have to visit.

Taken by Cambrian Coffee
Taken by Cambrian Coffee

 I especially like it because they’ve got all different types of board games that you can play whilst dining and chess is my favourite one! (Although I’m only learning, and pretend to be good at it.)

Now back to the more important bit – the cheese on toast.  ( I munched it so fast my camera didn’t get a look in!) It’s like an entire slab of cheese has been dedicated for each slice of toast that there is, and it’s greedily but generously divine!

Now I no longer have to endure strange looks unlike at Spoons, when I ask for a pint of milk … my new place, I’ve  even been promised a free glass! 😉

Thanks for reading!

Chelsea Louise


2 thoughts on “Tea, Toast & Vintage in Oswestry

    1. Thanks! Yeah it’s perfect for that. I recently discovered that it’s a musical place when raining. The roof is some kind of tin, and when the droplets hit – the sounds are lovely. There needs to be more places like this but when you do find one, it’s a little gem. 🙂

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