Vinyl Clocks, Cookies & Inspiration

Vinyl Clocks

Sounds like an usual recipe…

Some months ago, I was virtually introduced to a company called Vinyl Clocks.  Local to me, in Bishops Castle ( I think he lives in a house though not the castle part..) I’m not too sure on the specifics but I was tweeting about my cookie love (nothing new there then.)  and  Tim the owner of Vinyl clocks joined in on the banter of my sweet tweets. It became just regular banter until he informed me that I’d inspired him!

I was Intrigued.  He told me that he had a gift for me as a thank you. I love gifts, what girl doesn’t? But I’m certainly not used to receiving them off Twitter from followers. Especially from cool followers!

Any way as the months passed, we kept meaning to meet one another at  my Jelly Co working events in Oswestry.  However due to schedules, we never got the chance.

We came up with an awesome idea to post  it instead (Tim was the brains behind that.) So on the 16th of December, I received my gift  . . .

Cookie Monster
Just have to find a special place on my wall to put it! 


Whilst thanking him over the phone ( the more traditional method of communication) he said that my tweets about cookies had given him an idea.  It’s a still a very new idea for Vinyl Clocks but it’s a concept that’s in the pipeline.  Perhaps if you show them some cookie love, you’ll be able to get your own.

I think I have the first one!

It really is  lovely to know that you’ve inspired someone. Who knew it would have come from a bit of  funny  tweeting one night whilst raiding the cupboards?

I’m a bit of a sucker for fancy leaflets!

As a business woman  it reminds me to be on the look out all of the time, because you never know where the crumb trail may lead you!

In the non words of Jay Z ‘ I got 99 solutions, and a cookie is one!’

Thanks Tim from Vinyl Clocks, you’ve made my year!

Thanks for reading.

Chelsea- Louise


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