Oswestry Christmas treats with Lepone’s

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Food glorious food… It’s definitely a good time to blog about food (not Oliver) especially during the holiday season!

Around this time of year I LOVE food more than ever (that’s a lot!) In particular I love Italian food. I’m not so sure why it’s my ultimate favourite. Maybe because it’s rich, warm and very filling which is a perfect combination during the colder months.

This year food is my secret solution for Christmas shopping-  there’s no elbows involved!   Not that I’m getting my Nigella on, but instead taking them out to eat.  Plus it’s not one of those gifts that you can sell on eBay, or hand down and it’s not easily returned.

Still, it can be pricey if you’ve a large network  but I’m thankful to only have a small circle.

Which brings me on to my restaurant recommendation. (FINALLY you say!)

In my quaint little town of Oswestry, there’s a number of places that offer Italian food, but there’s one place in particular that I’ve been wanting to visit.  It’s unbelievable to think that I’ve lived here over a year and had yet to visit Lepone’s despite its amazing reputation!

There’s something special about family run and authentic Italian restaurants.  You kind of know that the food’s going to be great! When I’ve visited places in the past that offer Italian food, yet they don’t have any proper Italian influences – it shows in their dishes.

Take for example a few weeks ago, when  I took a visit to Shrewsbury to meet some city friends. We went to eat in an Italian restaurant called Morgans. It was a nice place, lovely food and the white chocolate and raspberry cheese cake was yummy!  However, this place with its freshly out of college English chef, said more chain outlet  rather than authentic.

Although an excellent night!

We sat here!
We sat here!

Any how, my first food treat was to my… (we’ll call him country boy.) It’s one of his  favourite places and he’s not been for around 3 years.

On arrival, we were greeted by a friendly older gentlemen who showed us to our table and lit a romantic candle (no pressure there then!) We didn’t wait long for food, considering everything is freshly made!  The kitchen is open too, so you can see what the chef’s getting up to.

Chef getting his Nigella on!
Chef getting his Nigella on!

As you know, (or should do by now!) I’m a vegetarian of  nearly 13 years but sometimes menus can be a little restricted. On this occasion, I was pleasantly surprised at their V selections.

We ordered a starter that was made to share for up to 4 people. It was a freshly made flat bread with juicy tomatoes and herbs. It was quite like a pizza bread, so it meant  a lot of chewing and I  just wanted to dive in with my hands.  Still, table manners are not entirely out of the window in the countryside…  It was really filling, and the tomatoes were tangy and full or warm juice.

Fresh bread...
Fresh bread…

For mains I went for spinach and ricotta parcels with a cream and mushroom sauce.  It was like heaven on a place! And for desert, I chose a Nutella cheese cake with ice cream, chocolate sauce and strawberries. He opted out for desert claiming to be full and then helped himself to my strawberries (shakes head.) 😉

My least favourite part about Italian food, is ordering it. I want to remain on good terms so I try not to offend them with my accent and pronunciation! (And instead point…)

They had an amazing selection of Pizzas, but I thought it a bit too cliched to order one! Maybe next time.


A mix of good company, amazing food, nice music,  and soft lighting made for a lovely atmosphere. I especially liked how the tables are positioned so that you’re not staring at any of the other diners.  The waiters were really attentive too and very friendly.

For a 3 course, 2 course and a bottle of wine cost £43 (for both) and I left a £7 tip.  After reading an endless amount of great reviews on Trip Advisor some had said it was expensive,  but I think it was excellent value for money and you can’t put a price on real fresh food with a smile!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take any pictures of my food, because it’s not accepted in the country side like it is in the city. The diners would have thought  l’d  never seen food before. And, I’m trying to keep my head down around here…. ( My veggie ways make me stick out already!)

The pictures  that I’ve put throughout are off the restaurants and I can vouch for them!

It was a lovely evening, and I’m taking my Mum  for Christmas eve. Country boy and I, finished it off with a stroll home, beneath the full moon.

Why I didn’t take  my flat shoes for the walk home, I’ll never know….

10/10 for Lepone’s

Thanks for reading!

Chelsea – Louise


2 thoughts on “Oswestry Christmas treats with Lepone’s

  1. Mmmm…dibs on the Nutella cake!

    We have an Italian restaurant around here called Vapiano’s. You would adore them — they’re a chain but they make their own pasta fresh daily. So delicious.

    Merry Christmas, Chelsea! 🙂

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