No 3 – #lovinglife – weekly smiles

I’ve had such a lovely Christmas week, and I hope you all have too.  There’s been many moments for me to smile at this week but one in particular that’s made my #LovingLife theme!

That  moment when a butterfly moves in…

A few days before Christmas, my mum found a peacock butterfly sitting in the corner of our mill’s windows. She was sitting by a pile of post but wasn’t moving. My mum gently picked her up and brought her into our apartment. It turned out, she’d got leg issues.

This is a similar looking butterfly that I found sunbathing around March time.

We just didn’t know what to do and wasn’t too sure if we could keep her indoors, so we decided to put her back where we found her. But as we’re both huge animal lovers, we couldn’t stop thinking about her and wondered whether she’d have much of a chance out there on her own. So I went back to get her, only to find that she was black and shriveled up. Devastated, I sent her well wishes and hoped where ever she’d gone, she’d be happy.

A few hours later, my mum came back from a shopping trip to find her still shriveled and lifeless. But she gave her a quick breath of air, and she began to move around! I since found out that butterflies do this when they hibernate – they go inactive.

So, it was looking like that we were going to keep the butterfly named Monieeka (naturally) until, her leg has healed.  We had to asses sleeping arrangements ( I would have happily given up my bed!) 

Apparently, butterflies live off nectar, rotting fruit, decaying minerals, soil and sometimes insects. Although when the British Winter arrives, there’s not a lot of food for them. So they’ve developed this inactive stage, and  hide in places such as  out houses, churches, barns  – in fact any where that’s cold and dry.  We’ve been told to put her in a shoe box with holes for ventilation and a large slit in the side.  She will remain there until next Spring. Providing that she’s ate in the Spring and Summer months previously, she will remain healthy!  However, we’ve given her food and sugared -water to feast upon just in case she wakes early.

One really cool thing that I found out about the butterfly species is that, they’re solar-powered! For them to fly, they need to bask in sunlight to absorb the energy. This is why it’s important to keep her in a relatively dark place, so she doesn’t wake up and want to go out, when the season is not suitable for her.

So as you do, we now have a hibernating butterfly living in a shoe box in the corner of the bedroom.

The twist to this story is that I have a house cat called Mr D, who literally stalks out a stray fly!  It’s a bit like ‘lock down’ time now as he’s not allowed anywhere near our new companion. He’s very aware my Mr D and he keeps looking in the direction of where she rests.

In my fantasy Monieeka flies around on Mr D’s back and nestles into  his neck…

So that has made me love life this week. How about you? Drop me a tweet with your answer and include the hashtag #LovingLife or a comment below.

Thanks for reading!

Chelsea – Louise


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