2013 in pictures

A look back at my year 2013- click pictures to enlarge!

Friends & Family 

I’ve spent a lot of time  with friends this year. Something quite alien to me because I’m such a solitary creature! My favourite  moments I’ve picked are :


Snow in January – spent all day sledging, throwing snow balls and at one point I was rugby tackled (by my 5ft 4 mum) into the snow…

Barmouth in July – spent most weekends at the beach. Playing Frisbee, dodging the jelly fish and trying to get my now non single friend acquainted with the bikini claded girls!

Lake Vrynwy in October – this was a my birthday treat to myself and mum. My favourite place where I’ve  been canoeing, ate the most amazing cream and jam scones,  and had a mud bath and spa day at the hotel.  (That picture is somewhere in hiding..) 


In 2012, I decided that although I loved  writing, when your passion then turns into a job it slightly looses its sparkle!   Thus deciding to take up something purely for the love of it rather than paying the bills with it. I got a £120 simple Hitachi  camera and started to use my surroundings as inspiration. The pictures that I’ve chosen are :


Barmouth days out – I’d been wanting to get some beach photos and during a trip one weekend  we had the most beautiful sunset! Myself and friends all sat in a pub nearby watching it and laughing at the days events.

Rodney’s sheep – this cheeky picture was taken during a walk to Rodney’s pillar with my walking buddy (who’s left me for London!)  We only had a few walks together, but the ones we did were always so fun! (He certainly improved my city girl fitness with all of the hills, that we trekked!)

Leaf love – some girls love shoes, mines leaves. Since picking up a camera, I’m always drawn to them. This is my favourite one that I got in the height of summer whilst out for a walk with my Nan in Candy Valley, Oswestry.


I thought I’d never say the word… these pictures I did to help a few friends out with their photography projects. My favourites one are :


Vintage with Alun Roberts – I LOVE vintage so to do a shoot inspired by it was a yes. We shot these in a lovely railway station in a town next to mine, called Gobowen. It was a fun day and very warm and sunny. Yes I’ve been ‘touched up’ so to speak. I am a lot more paler than this, perhaps I’ll show you the originals sometime.

LBD with Leon Bowen – this was a studio shoot done at Wrexham college.  Lots of messing around on set, and I love this photo because I can see my entire hair length! ( I don’t have an extra arm, my cropping is questionable!) 


This year I’ve had the ultimate pleasure of witnessing some incredible views. Often it’s not when I’ve had my camera on me, so I’ve these mental images stored in my brain! However, I do have some favourite images :


Sun set – this was literally on my front door step (although I live on the 2nd floor) and was taken around December time.

Snow – this was taken on a mobile phone in February,  I was staying in Llanfyllin at the time and got snowed in until a tractor came to the rescue!

Wet spring – during April time when we had lots of showers, I got this lovely powdery effect on a field of blue bells. ( I forgot my umbrella.. )

So these have been just some of the highlights of 2013. I’m not one of those to dwell on the things that I didn’t do, because what’s productive about that?

Happy New Year

P.S If you want to see more of my pictures join my Nature Love Facebook page.

Thanks for reading!

Chelsea – Louise



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