Lifestyle Giveaway : Lets get thoughtful, thoughtful…

Now where’s my leotard? (That will go over your head, if you were born after 1990!)

My very first giveaway is from Darling Dear and I thought my gift to you would fit in perfectly with one of my new years resolutions!

“To be more thoughtful”

Towards the end of last year,  I came up with this idea to help me become more thoughtful. I asked my mum to write me a monthly list of the little things that she wanted me to do, that made her happy. And I wrote one for her.  Whilst we both could take advantage and go all out with the (suggestion of) Prada, the idea is to think about the ‘little things’.

Just some of things that we put on our list :

1. Give a compliment

2. Put £1.50 in a charity box

3.  Buy Home & Decor magazine (a favorite of ours!)

Sometimes, using plain pieces of paper means it gets over looked or chucked away, so we thought about how we could make these lists  more stickable and interesting.

I then found Darling Dear’s unique ‘journal cards’ which were printable.  I’m a bit hooked with printable things at the moment, because I don’t use a lot of paper, so this means I only print off what I need…

As a woman who values thoughtful people, I recognise I must embody this quality if I’m to expect it, in others.


So this month, I’m giving one person these journal cards – there’s lots that you can do with them (which I’ll do a follow up post on soon), but I use them as my thoughtful reminders and they last forever!

To enter you MUST :

1. Give me a follow on BlogLovin, Twitter & Share this post.

2. Fill in the below form and tell me the most thoughtful thing that you’ve done for someone.

The winner will be emailed  and announced the 1st of February.

Every success to you! 

My next giveaway is of the yummy kind… 😉

Thanks for reading,

Chelsea – Louise


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