No 4 – #lovinglife – weekly smiles

I really admire creativity whether that be in artistic form or solution based mindsets.  I think that we’re all creative in our own way, and I don’t follow the left brained – right brained school of thought on creativity.   I think the secret of being creative, is giving up on those ‘I’m not creative’ mantras and actually doing something about it!

So this week, I was instantly inspired by the photographer Angela Kelly, who captured frozen bubbles during the harsh weathers of this season.   An unplanned project that came about after playing blowing bubbles with her little one.  To think that she could have sat at home gossiping about  how cold it was out side, but  instead used the -9°C surrounding as her garden of inspiration!

Look what she came up with . . .



frozen-bubbles-angela-kelly-2The full story can be found by clicking – here.

So that’s my loving life theme this week. Please do drop me a tweet with what’s made you love life and include the hashtag #LovingLife.

Thanks for reading!

Chelsea – Louise


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