My NYE – fringes, mud, & many laughs!

I don’t usually post on a Sunday but I thought whilst it was fresh it my head – I would!

I wasn’t looking forward to New Year’s Eve that much. Mainly because it’s (very) cold and my original idea of staying in with a 12 inch (pizza) with extra cheese seemed like a far greater idea. That said, I was lured away by the thought of my midnight kiss – what can I say? I’m a traditionalist.

This year my destination was in Wales at a’barn’ party – can it get any more country bumpkin like?  I spent it with ‘country boy’ and family which was nice. We all had a Spag Bol (veggie style for me)  and we danced the night away on wine and lots of cheese and crackers, ( I should say with rather than on, because that would have been very messy..) I wasn’t really expecting the camera to be out ( stupid thought really, in the days of selfies!)  So I didn’t make as big of effort as I could have; the fringe hadn’t been washed nor cut. If you’re in the fringe family, you’ll know what I mean when I say it’s  in the in between stages – not quite a full nor a side fringe and you get those  little stray pieces (resulting in There’s Something About Mary.)

Spent most of the night playing with poi balls,
Spent most of the night playing with poi balls,
I’m not pulling tongues – that’s just a big lip. Honest.
We all say ROAR!!!

A few minutes to midnight we all trudged  up the hill to set off some fireworks  in to the dark valleys, and listened to the church bells. Like the non country girl that I am, I forgot my wellies which meant I was ankle deep in mud most of the time (my dolly shoes are no longer talking to me..) This year we actually didn’t miss the stroke of midnight like last year but we were kind of  still walking up the hill as the clock chimed and my traditional kiss was 5 minutes after but hey, there’s no set rules on these things right?

We  all stood in a circle and told one another our new year resolutions, mine was ‘to be more daring -say yes to more things (and eat more citrus fruits!) Obviously within reason, but I find life is more pleasant and fun when you take a leap of faith and put yourself out of comfort zones!  I’m not one for  resolutions (up until about 3 years ago, I thoughts it was revolutions…) because it’s always so easy to feel negative when you don’t do them. Still it’s nice to give your year some guidance.  I didn’t give 2013 much of a thought, because I was having so much fun in the moment – which was a really nice place to be in!

Thankfully my shoes (may talk to me again) as I was given a piggy back down the dark muddy hill… but that was my new year and it carried on like that for a good week, with lots of 5 am sleeps and 12 pm wake ups.

Back to work tomorrow (GULP!) 

What did you do for New Year’s Eve – any resolutions?

Chelsea – Louise


One thought on “My NYE – fringes, mud, & many laughs!

  1. Sounds like fun! Happy Belated New Year, Chelsea! 🙂 I went to a party, and my three resolutions are to exercise more, experience more, and finish this flipping book I’m writing! Best of luck with yours! 🙂

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