No 5 – #lovinglife – weekly smiles

Hello! My weekly smile this week lasted for a LONG time and you’ll see why in a moment. If you know me, you’ll know that I’m vegetarian and have been for 13 years.  It really warms my heart when I see other people going veggie / vegan and even more so, when I find people that do everything in their being to help protect animals.

Since moving to the country side, I’m constantly surrounded by animals. I’ve had the pleasure of being licked by a dairy cow, and itched the ears of many sheep as well as helping them to get their heads stuck out of fences (which they’re prone to doing a bit like my big toe and the tap!)  It’s my vision to one day, have enough land to rescue farm animals and other types that need a helping hand.

But back to my weekly story! I would like to introduce to you – Esther the wonder pig.  She is a pet to a couple in Canada that got her as a baby, thinking that she was a micro pig. It turns out, she was an actual full grown pig.  As they’ve brought her up from baby pighood, they’ve realised that Ester (like all animals) communicates, feels excitement, love,  joy and have since been on a quest to show people a more compassionate way of living. Their story is just wonderful and very heart warming!  I envision a future that has this attitude to all animals around the world.

I’ll leave you some links and pictures, so that you can check out more about Esther ‘The wonder pig’.


So that’s my loving life theme this week. Please let me know what’s made you love life, by Tweeting me, and include the hashtag #lovinglife.

Thanks for reading!

Chelsea- Louise


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