Food: Box Of Goodness

Shropshire - Buy Local - Box of goodness

I said this year, I’d be more healthier and thanks to Box of Goodness, that’s easily done. I boast about being Vegetarian yet I can probably count on my hands, just how much fruit and veg that I get in a week.  I could go as far as saying that I’m one of those that thinks spaghetti grows on trees (I said nearly…) 

I do love cooking, and I’m appointed head chef in my house (although there’s only 2 of us. 3 if you want to count my cat Mr D – he’s a sucker for the Quorn!)  I love fresh food, and avoid tins at all cost. But it’s a big effort going back and forth to markets and supermarkets every few days (in comes Jeeves also known as mum..) especially when you don’t drive and it’s a good 40 minute walk!

That’s why I was over joyed to find local Shropshire business Box Of Goodness via #Shropshirehour on Twitter last week.  A new and small business, delivering goodies everywhere in Shropshire for free.  You can have a mixture of fruit, veg, salad or one of the same for as little as £10.  With the option to add free range eggs and milk.  I was over joyed when my box came the other morning because it contained veg  that I always say,  I’m going to eat more of but never do!  (Chocolate doesn’t count as 1 of your 5 a day :O) 


The great thing is that you can tell them your likes and dislikes – I chose a medium size box with a mixture of fruit and veg = £15

I got :

bananas, tangerines, baby plums, pears, apples , box of grapes ,large leeks,  large cabbage, eggplant, butternut squash,  bag of mushrooms, bag of sprouts, onions, potatoes, parsnips, swede, and carrots.

And you don’t even have to be in, as they’re contained in weather proof reusable boxes, that they collect next time you order (thumbs up for the environment!)

I now stay away from supermarkets due to their love for GM, and buy local and fresh where I can. I’m really enjoying this new healthier lifestyle because I have more energy and a juicer is on the to-buy list also.  I wouldn’t describe myself as ‘health conscious’ as such, but I want to show my body the love I have for it, by feeding it properly.  I’m not perfect and LOVE the odd (shelf) of cookies but it’s a start!


I’m delighted with my order and I’m looking forward to cooking some yummy veggie goodness – I’ll even show you a recipe next week. ( See how good I am to you?)

Shropshire - Buy Local - Box of goodness

Thanks for stopping by!

Chelsea – Louise

I was sent this product for free after expressing interest – all views are my own, and although a sponsored post, I don’t take requests to feature brands. Full T&C’s can found here.


3 thoughts on “Food: Box Of Goodness

  1. After suddenly gaining an incredibly unusual obsession with fruit and veg, and I mean OBSESSION, seeing that box left me gawking at the screen! It’s all so tempting and I can’t believe that it was so cheap and looks so amazing! Well done on the move towards eating more healthier, I’m definitely feeling more of the positive effects too, let’s hope it lasts! =D

    1. Thank you. I feel more alert which is a good thing and much more full than temporary fixes. I know, I was astounded at just how cheap and great value for money they are – they will definitely get a regular order off me. .

      Great that you’re on the healthy eating bandwagon too, I think we’ll both see a huge difference. Let me know how it goes, and thanks for dropping by! 🙂

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