Photography : the story of Mr D

As my blog is a lifestyle one, I thought my cat Mr D should have his own slot on here. After all, he’s been a big part of my lifestyle. He’s been my loyal friend (hoover and dish washer) for 3 years now.  Lately I’ve been looking for a photogenic subject to practice on and he seemed purrfect! But can you believe he’s camera shy?  It was a challenge that involved hiding my camera under blankets and lots of cheese.

Pets - photography

Pets - photography

Here’s his story… He came to us in a time of need as living with other cats, he began to misbehave and his companion  was giving him away to a cats home. It was sad really because he’d been living with these other cats ( mum, grandma, and brother) all of his life. When his mum passed, the pecking order was no more.   I said I’d never get another cat after my ginger tom Uncle Fester passed. Shortly after this, I met a lady who rescued cats and she told me that a special one would enter my life. A little later,  in strolled Mr D.

Pets - photography

Half tabby and half torte-shell (torbi they call them)  I instantly fell in love with his white fluffy chest and socks. It took him some time to get used to us, as he’d been living with his previous companion for 6 years!  They called him Denis after Dennis the Menace (and oh how he acted up to his name) so we decided to rename him a number of names with d in, but eventually settled upon Mr D.

Pets - photography

Pets - photography

My most fondest memory of him was when I moved in to my apartment.  After being there a few days,  I decided to take him for a ‘walk’ (to show him how beautiful it was,) in a harness and on a lead. It wasn’t the best idea, considering there was sheep in the field ( the closest he’d ever got to sheep was a woolly jumper! ) In a sudden panic he managed to break free of his lead and disappear into the fields.

Pets - photography

All  I remember is that it was pouring down, cold and I sat there for an hour with a tin of cat food calling him. The funny thing was (on his part) he’d been hiding in bushes watching me all of the  time – luckily  I’d not fed him before he’d gone out. I thought he’d would have been exploring the hills. Now I know, If Mr D had to choose outdoors or food… food would always win.  Thankfully I managed to tempt him with the food over the barbed wire and I had to hold him (claws and all) whilst walking past a busy road (which caused him to panic more and dig further into my skin,) until we got back to the apartment.  That was his last walk – cat and leads don’t really mix.

A few facts about him…Pets - photography

His nick name is ‘the fur’ ‘his furriness’ or ‘D face’. I’ve trained him to sit, stand, jump and give  me his paw (using lots of cheese.)  I’ve tried to make him a special place to sleep like the pet books advise. Yet, he still insists upon sleeping on my head until somehow in the morning, I’ve been kicked off my own pillow! He loves my spag bol (veggie style) and if I’m eating white chocolate, I have to keep an eye on it because he’s been known to run off with the entire bar. He thinks his litter is a sand box and spends ages playing in it. He’s a simple man, he likes playing with boxes and tatty toys ( I spent £20 on a cat play ground and he yawned at it..)

A  few more things about him – he sounds like an owl and I’m convinced he was one in his last life.  He likes to sit on legs, and he likes country boy more than me (he’s known him 5 minutes!!)

Here’s to you Mr D, my handsome puddy cat!

Do you have animals? Tell me more!

Thanks for reading,

Chelsea – Louise


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