Rural living & its lifestyle lessons (part 2)

This is a sequel to my first post.

Ruba Dub Dub 6 sheep in a... field

Ruba dub dub 6 sheep in a… field.

1. There’s no such thing as strangers : you can pretty much guarantee that the shop keeper knows your name before you’ve introduced yourself. But not in a late nigh stalking your crush on Facebook kind of way (like I ever would. Nor that I’m suggesting the 70-year-old woman fancies me..) But because you’ve cropped up in conversation as ‘the new girl.’

News does travel fast around here, so you do have to expect whispers if you’re coming home with the clothes that you wore the night before  (albeit an innocent excuse.) Someone will see and before you know it, you’re their local news!

2. Gifting local produce is ‘a thing’ around here: like my neighbour (who lives 3 fields over) who gives me freshly made jam, apples and all sorts.  It just enhances the community spirit even more so,  which attracted me to this lovely place.

3. Women, actually cook for ‘their’ men:  the further that I’ve gone out into ‘the fields’, women seemed to be much more traditional (with aprons and everything!) I‘m still adamant that there’s a lot of prep that goes into preparing take- out!

The thing is, if you hang out with these Marthas , then they  try to get their wooden spoons on you.  I’ve a firm contract in place for any man who wishes to ‘court’ me and cooking is not on the T&C’s. Smoothies, toast and galaxy bar doesn’t count. What can I say – I’m all heart…

My oven is used for storage space (what am I saying? I don’t even own an oven!)  

4. You can be part of the muddy welly group and shop: seriously no one really cares. In fact it was a now not so local friend that suggested, you didn’t need to bathe either. I haven’t tested that one out yet (but I’ll use it for my trump card.)

This only applies to local outings. No Telford. Big mistake. It’s much like city standards with a bit more ‘brum’ in their judging   observing eyes.

Well that’s me for now. I’ve been Chelsea Louise – thank you and good day/night.


3 thoughts on “Rural living & its lifestyle lessons (part 2)

  1. Haha sounds like my kinda place, apart from the baking and cooking for your man. Wellies, free jam! I honestly would love to live in the countryside .. I don’t even know how or why you moved (that is so bad!!!) forgive me?!

    1. Haha! It’s endearing… as long as I don’t have to do it. lol.

      It’s a relaxing and healthy way of living, although I do love/ miss the buzz of bigger places. So that’s where trips out come in use.

      Oh don’t apologise – no one does. I keep that part private because it’s not that beneficial to any one reading. 🙂

      I love that ASOS comp that you’re doing. What a huge giveaway – I’ll be sure to share it.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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