Nesscliffe #1 Project Local

My first Project Local 2014 is by author Melanie J Molloy. A Shropshire based free style poet and romantic novelist. She’s kindly guest blogged about a place local to her called Nesscliffe. I’ve too had the pleasure of visiting here, and the views – well my words do not do it justice.

You’ll just have to visit. In the mean time, read Melanie’s poem!


There are many wonderful places
That captured my heart
When I’m surrounded by nature
I’m reluctant to part

But there is one place
It was a sight to behold
A treasure chest of beauty
Its history unfolds

Nesscliffe is certainly a gem
Caves, cliff, quarries; a pioneers delight
Breath giving scenery
Such a wondrous sight

The summer months are delightful
Vibrant bluebells, conifers and ferns
Paths of pine needles and red sand
A children’s paradise – so much to learn

It’s teaming with wildlife and flowers
Rhododendrons climbing up the sandstone crop
Spectacular cliffs and heady heights
Such a breath taking drop

The stillness of the woodland
Where myself and my family walked
No sounds or sights of life
Only ourselves as we talked

In awe of all of the beauty
It has such a mystical feel
So silent;  enchanted
It’s almost surreal.

So many happy memories
So much more to explore
A world of discovery
I’ll be back for sure!

Please share! And if you’re local to Shropshire and would like to get involved – take a look here.


Chelsea Louise


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