Ta-Da January

This is the fastest January that there has been for me! I usually feel every day, but somehow it whizzed past me with glitter and all. It’s been an interesting month; saying hello to new things that puts me steps closer to my goal. Also, a few goodbyes, but I tell myself that they’re essential for my growth.

So here’s a few things that I’ve accomplished in January :


My book : I finished the first draft – big deal, yes it is! Naturally I celebrated with a huge sugar rush and some shameless self promotion on Twitter. The feeling was amazing (not the self promo but the finishing of the book…)

PVB Daily : I managed to secure a writing position. Here I’ll be helping their readers with writing and marketing topics.

Virgin : I’ve begun to blog in the entrepreneurship section again. I say again as I started a few years back but due to time and some issues with communication, stopped. They’re just working on fixing my past articles that went a bit crazy when they moved over systems. Will let you know when my posts are up.


Aim number one was to get into eating more fruit and veg. It had to be done, since I was trying every continent (takeaway style). This was achieved by finding a fruit and veg supplier who delivered to my door. I’m proactive (honest) it’s just that I don’t (insert excuse) live close to town and my wellies are a bit Zzz.

Aim number two was to get a blender for smoothies and soup. My nan gave me some Argos vouchers and I got a free one as a result. Sticking with the usual fruits for now, but my energy levels are amazing.

Aim number three was to exercise more. So I enrolled on a burlesque class and although not been yet due to them losing their venue, I suspect it will happen in Feb. Although to make up, I got my wellies out and forced myself out into the gales to walk, and walk some more.


Ran my first competition via Zie Darling and my good blogger friend Liam and my new Twitter friend Bee won! I will be posting another tomorrow, so keep an eye out (or two) for that.

I guest blogged for TSNC on her how to… series and also Charlotte Goes Cruelty Free. Posts not up yet, but go check these great bloggers out.

I managed to get three sponsored posts from all local businesses within Shropshire. I don’t work with anyone who asks me to, because I like to find those that I think will benefit my readers in an honest way.

I got a mention off I wrote a little something which made my day, it’s always lovely to hear people like reading your posts – so thanks Rob!


Well, me and country boy after two years parted company. It was a mutual thing but that didn’t make it any easier. My longest ‘relationship’ was 3 months, so it was a shock to the system!

Although in doing so, I’ve to say that my relationship with myself is on the up. Don’t get me wrong, we’re best friends Chelsea and I. Yet it’s a challenge when you share yourself with another, you begin to in some way, fade.

Then again, that’s the difference between being with the right person and the wrong person.

As they say take the good, and use it in your future manifestations.

And just when you think things can’t get surreal enough, your ex from three years ago decides to get back in touch. And yes I did ignore him – (got far to many t-shirt/ DVD merchandise from that.)

I’m quite happy being a single girl, living it up in mud and the comfort of wellies. focusing on my writing.


I read a book! A very good one at that, that actually helped me with the above. It’s called The Rules by Richard Templar. It’s not one of the best self-development books that I’ve read, but if you’re just starting out, I think you’ll enjoy it. It’s got a hundred rules that apply to all aspects of life, in particular these stood out to me.

Rule 22


I cleared my tiny apartment. I live in a converted mill, and it’s not the biggest, so it means that floor space counts. It’s amazing what a good clear out can do and a re-arrange of furniture

I took my favourite picture of the month (which is below.) It happened during my ritual I now make myself do. I light a candle and meditate on it, and then I thank for all of the monthly greatness and then make a few wishes.

It’s relaxing…

So that’s been part of my January – if I was to give it a theme I’d say ‘preparations for the greater good!’

Drop me a comment and let me know how yours has been.

Chelsea Louise


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