Feb’s Giveaway : cakey goodness (UK only)

Love fun cakes

One of the biggest things that I noticed when I moved to rural Shropshire, was how great their food is! So I only thought it was natural to run a blog giveaway that incorporated local Shropshire food. And you know how big my sweet tooth is? So, what better way to indulge you then,  by finding a local cake maker.

After a big search on Twitter, I was recommended Love Fun cakes. Think lollipops combined with cakes also known as (paradise.) She was kind enough to send me out some samples, and I’m currently still deciding which ones are the best to give to my readers!  I can tell you that one is not enough as they’re so moreish, so I’ll be sending the winner a few!

To get involved you MUST :

1. Follow Love Fun Cakes 

2. Join me on Twitter and BlogLovin

3. Fill out the below form and tell me…

What makes where you live so special?

The winner will be announced Friday 28th February and I will tweet who ever wins.

Thanks Silvia from Love Fun Cakes!

Every success all. 🙂

Chelsea Louise


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