Thoughts on a rainy day

Sometimes I find living out in the country side during the winter, harsh. There’s no distractions of bright lights and a mass of people to get lost into. But today, I used my rainy day for the better.


It’s been a challenging week…

As you know I recently parted with someone (that meant a lot to me,) although mutual it wasn’t welcomed, and I’ve been having those thoughts:  (that most of us have) what if things would have been different? Could I have done things better? Was it the right decision? And so it goes on.  I’m the type of girl that likes to ‘keep calm and carry on’ because I believe that by dwelling on things, it only gives you more to dwell about.

But before I can move on, I have to give my brain a logical reason of  why it all happened.  I always envision my life, as an adult’s fable. You know – where you learn a lesson from it.  I will admit, at first I didn’t really spot any new lessons.  And that just seemed  like it was a waste of my time. But, the thing with life’s lessons is that they’re not always easy to spot – they do require some thought.

But thanks to the heavy rain, (I’ve avoided going out as I’ve just had the fringe cut!)  and instead of keeping myself busy, it’s allowed me some thinking time. I’m not huge on thinking time as I said in the beginning but I think (no pun intended) that it’s essential so that we can sort the  rubbish out. Obviously then constructing a solution and focusing more on that.

Today, this thinking time has actually given me those ‘ah-ha’ moments and I have discovered new things about myself. I can actually see it was all worth it even, if it was  only to perhaps reinforce some life’s lessons that I’ll do well to remember for the rest of my life!

I’ve never been a shoulda – woulda- coulda kind of girl.

I think the biggest lesson for me and I hope it resonates with you dear reader is, you can only change yourself not those around you.  Some times, it’s so tempting to want to point out or tell another how their behaviour is affecting you, but really it’s your job to remove yourself from that situation. (Even if only temporarily.) 

I went to see the Dalai Lama a few ago and out of everything that he said I took this away ‘ forgive the spiritual being and react to the human being.’  From that I recognized that we, are only doing the best with the knowledge that we’ve been given. (Even the ones that you don’t think are trying – they are.)

 I always say to my friends ‘ people don’t make you feel a certain way, it’s you, that gives yourself permission to feel or react to it’. 

So yes it will leave a confused feeling in my stomach for a little while, and perhaps I’ll miss that person for some time… but I owe it to myself  to give myself permission to react to my experience  it in a positive and constructive way.

Life lesson number ( I forgot where I’m up to) learned.

Have you been learning or relearning any thing of late?|

Chelsea Louise



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