Countryside living got saucy!

When I moved to the Shropshire countryside, I thought it meant quiet nights in with lemon tea, wellington adventures in the mud and lots of bird watching. And whilst it is like that, I’ve been very impressed by the ‘after hours’ activities.

(c) Chelsea Louise Haden
(c) Chelsea Louise Haden

And no I don’t mean howling at the moon for the Summer Solstice… Although it’s an option!

Before moving – pole fitness and burlesque were two sports that I was keen to try, yet they were always quite expensive to attend classes, and I never got around to it.  So when I moved to my little town of Oswestry, I was quite surprised that they did pole lessons in the local gym for just £5 per hour class.

I absolutely loved pole purely because, being a child gymnast (nothing Olympic style) who grew up in to a lady with (lady parts,) I was never really going to go into that field. So pole was like the next best thing!  I went for about two months and learnt all of my basic spins, but then I had a seeing to by a quad bike, and so it put me off the pole for a little while. It’s one of those sports that requires a lot of focus, and strength but as soon as you’ve mastered a move (bruisers and all) you go on about it for weeks!

So I stopped pole whilst I healed, and then wanted to try burlesque. I’ve been surrounded by a lot of people within the industry and have been constantly told it’s amazing for confidence. Whilst I’m  very confident with my body (purely because  my mum taught me to be like that,  I’ve also done catwalks and a strut does wonders for inner and outer confidence,) I love anything to do with body positive image and thought burlesque was a great contribution to that. Plus I love vintage!

My inner ego! ;-)
My inner ego! 😉

So I have been taking lessons in the town over from me in Wales called Chirk. I wasn’t too sure what to expect, and I did question whether I could get nearly naked in front of a bunch of strangers. Thankfully I’ve been told that comes with ‘progression’ and for now it’s all about the removal of silk gloves, hold ups and various routines involving props. I’ve taken to it like a wellie to water, and love it! I’ve even been told that I can perform too… coming to stage near you (YIKES!)

For now, I’m a long way off that and simply enjoying feeling sexy. It’s wonderful to see everyone in the class go from shy to uber confident. And I will admit, my head was that little bit higher by the end. For anyone who thinks they should look a certain way, then you should try burlesque because you’ll find that every shape, size, age, colour, race etc gets attracted to it.

£6 for an hours worth of fun, (which gives you a good workout, so my waist told me the next morning,) it’s my new pass time!

Oh and for anyone jumping on the bandwagon about it demeaning women, you’d be surprised to know that the burlesque audience is mostly female!

All I know is, if something makes you feel good – DO IT!

Thanks for reading

Chelsea Louise


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