Oswestry Rural Glam & The Lamp

The only glam that I’ve had lately is slipping on my satin gloves for Burlesque. Other than that, it’s been jumpers and cosy nights in. I don’t really feel like doing much during the winter (I’m a bit of a squirrel) although there are exceptions..

For those of  you who don’t know me, I loan my hair out (with me attached) to salons who want to show off their hair expertise. So last week, I ditched the jumper and went and did some hair shoots for Jujj, Oswestry, hair salon.

I’ve never worked with a team of females before, but these ladies were just lovely. Isolde the hairdresser had a bit of shock I think when she realised just how much hair I had to work with! I saw her forearms tensing at one point. Charlotte the make up artist, although she’d had a late night, had a steady hand. I give her around of applause for trying to recreate my cupboards bow

Vanessa the photographer who looked like she’d just  walked out of a Charlston movie was awesome to work with, great direction and warm. We had a bit of a giggle when she told me, that this shoot was inspired by a lampshade. I wasn’t convinced when she told me I was having pompoms in my hair to match the lamp, but it all worked out for the best in the end!

I love being around creative people. Things that would bypass a non creative just has the opposite effect for an artist.

4 hours later, we all went to a beautiful country manor house located in Maesbury, a village just outside of Oswestry. Think Victorian – dark wood – beams – Chesterfields – very dramatic and TA-DA there was the famous lamp!

The brief was to be hiding, whilst on the phone, and on the look out for someone being in the house.

Inspired by film noir and a lamp
Inspired by film noir and a lamp
Hair Shot...
Hair Shot…

Hair by Jujj Oswestry

My most favourite part was wearing a steel boned corset that I’ve secretly proposed to…

Looking forward to doing some more vintage stuff with them soon!

What do you think?

Chelsea Louise


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