Ta -Da February

I feel like I’ve not been doing a lot of country living recently!  So I’ll be posting a few old animal pictures (other than my late night food runs) to remind me of what it’s like outside…


I write this bog with 15 minutes spare before I go into a Skype meeting. Work has been the theme for February! It just suddenly got mega busy, which I’m very grateful of but it means it’s not left me a lot of blogging and book writing time, nor walking and picture time!

Although it does mean that when I do go back to book writing, I’m looking at it with fresh eyes, which is great in editing terms but not so great with my deadlines! Yes, I’m a little behind, but these things happen and I will be published for summer 2014!

In the mean time, I’m excited to say that I’ve been working on getting the right people together to create my business website and branding. I’ve been very fortunate enough since moving to the wonderful wizard of oz, to have been embraced by the local business community. As a result, I’m working with a great web company and graphic designer. I’ll do a post about this when it’s all done! It starts with my branding next week, so looking forward to show you.

I’ve not been doing much walking either due to very severe weather conditions.  I think I went for one 7am walk where I got snowed on! Although  of late, I’m glad to say that  they’ve calmed down and I have had the pleasure of experiencing signs of spring. My most favourite part is the light mornings, and bright sun beaming into my bedroom. As well as seeing all of the little birds building their nests, and tweeting their local songs. (I’m yet to see those people that live in shorts all year around though!)

So no walking which has meant no pictures! I have been keeping fit by swimming, and keeping warm in the sauna. There’s been so many times that I’ve wanted to take this little guy in with me but something to do with (health and safety blah blah.)


Talking of exercise.  I’ve become obsessed with my new burlesque after hours activities. I think that’s what’s been keeping me going through those dark and cold nights. I’ve been asked to perform in the Women’s Festival of music and arts in Llangollen two days in May. As part of my troupe and a solo too…  I will be helping to promote the festival, (not because I’m taking part in it…) so I’ll keep you posted with details. Should you fancy a trip, say hello!

The aim of March is to get outdoors more with my camera! I love taking pictures but not in the cold and wet. I guess you could say my passion is in it during the warmer months. Coincidentally, I have the same attitude with relationships. Although yet to find someone who’s happy with being a seasonal partner…

Until next time!

Chelsea Louise

P.S What have you been doing in February?


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