No 6 #lovinglife – weekly smiles

When I first began my blog, I had this clever idea of writing a weekly theme about all of the stuff that had made me smile. It lasted 5 weeks before I got distracted (common theme of me) and so I kind of forgot about it. Well that’s a white lie, more like I just got busy (same thing.) Anyway moving forward, I am doing my best to keep up with this theme!

My weekly smile happened yesterday when it was announced that it was the first day of Spring. Like Autumn, it’s my favourite season because of the apparent changes in the air. Birds being your alarm clocks, daffodils being your daily scent, small fluffy animals being born and  lushes grass being, well – green.

(c) Lake Vrynwy. One of my favourite places ever!
(c) Lake Vrynwy. One of my favourite places ever!

It’s also my favourite season, because the nights are lighter, and everything feels fresh – brand new (which appeals to my short attention span.)

The news of spring, also made me think about how I wanted to experience the outdoors a little more this year.  I decided to get a bike. I’ve been wanting one since I was 15, yet each year forgot about the idea. So finally I went and took action and got a 2nd hand bike for just £50.


Bikes do bring back childhood memories for me. It started when I was 10. I used to live next to this great valley with the most amazing dirt tracks. I would watch the local boys skid, break and do those fancy tricks. I couldn’t ride at that stage.  Not long after my mum’s then partner bought me a bike and took it upon himself to teach me. Lets put it this way, I collected a lot of nettle stings along the way. I think I may have just picked it up, and then suddenly ‘forgot’ (lost interest.)

The next time that I sat on a bike  was the year after. I was 11 and allowed to ‘play out’ locally with my older cousins. I remember being given a spare bike for the day, so that we could go on a local bike ride. Local being about 13 miles away, and resulted in me sneaking off for the day with them all. It was here, that we took ‘the great bike ride’ via a place called ‘the town park’. It was this huge park with a ski slope, many hills and winding paths that I discovered my bike freedom!

A few wobbles here and there, and I  had suddenly (or what I’d  thought) became a pro at it. You know that phrase of ‘it’s like riding a bike?’  Well – it literally was.

With the wind in my hair, and the freedom to do anything (until I got home) I felt on top of the world. And it’s that memory that’s stuck with me, ever since.

12 years later (I’m not 11 any more?!) I couldn’t resist the urge any longer. And I’m now spending my evenings ( I do have friends) planning the great bike ride again. This time, it involves pub stops, photography sessions and grown up ribbons in my hair.

I wonder whether my expectations will be exceeded?It’s a heck of a memory to try and recreate…

On a more practical note – I may turn it into a blog series. What do you think?

What’s inspired you this week? Let me know by tweeting me and using the #lovinglife in your tweet.

Thanks for reading

Chelsea Louise


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