Oswestry : The Curious Tea Room

Living in Oswestry, I’m finding that although small, there’s a real good selection of cafes. When I say selection, I’m not talking about rows and rows like London or Liverpool. But my usual experiences of small places means that I find only about 1 or 2. Here I’ve found a good 6 or 7.

A few weeks ago when my nan came up to visit, my mum came back raving about a little cafe called The Curious Tea Room.  When she said that they had home made cake, I had to go! And keep on going. I have been back about 3 times in the space of week and a half.

I love it because as soon as you step inside, you’re greeted by some wonderful music played on an old record player. The music comes from my gran’s days and sings of giving flowers, making love, dancing and romance. And for the hidden old fashioned romantic in me, it just entices me in further.


There’s trinkets everywhere which you can buy also, and books that you can take.  as long as you bring one of yours to give. It’s a place with mis- matched vintage furniture, colour, frills, and everything in between.






I’m a big fan of their old fashion flavoured milk shakes. The ones that I’ve tried so far are : hazelnut, salted caramel and ginger bread. £2 each, made with ice cream yet you get a container with the left overs. Which gives you about 3 drinks extra.  I call that for a sugar lover gal as myself a bargain.  On to the cakes… located just as you come in the door. They sit proudly in their containers showing off their creamed middles, frosted toppings, and moist sponges.  In my past visits, I’ve tried their home made soups such as carrot and coriander, and leek and potato  with chunky bread. Finger licking good.


Today I had a jam bakewell cake (I had white chocolate and raspberry the lest time) and a hazelnut milkshake. After a rowdy weekend in Birmingham with friends, I needed to recover and this was the place



The business of the owners are lovely too – two ladies from the North East. And from what I over heard, they walked into the tea rooms about 9 weeks ago and bought it. The original owner wasn’t in the market to sell and was adamant that he wouldn’t. But whatever they did, he gave in and now it’s theirs.

If you’re local to Oswestry or visiting, do pop in! You’ll find me there most Mondays.

Thanks for reading,

Chelsea Louise


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