Nature : lover for the big world

A guest post by Liam O’Dell

Note : a slightly more intelligent and articulate post than my writings. 😉 

(C) CLHaden
(C) CLHaden

Nature itself has always been of fascination to human beings. As I’m currently learning in English Literature lessons, poets often use land and nature as themes for their poems – be it for metaphorical purposes or otherwise. But also, there are people who watch nature documentaries as well. So therefore, why do we like nature? Well that’s what I’m hoping to explore, and answer, in this blog post!

I suppose “nature” itself can be confusing to understand and define. You could say that it is predictable actions that animals perform that is what’s known as “nature” (for example, birds tweeting, flowers blossoming etc.). However, unpredictable actions by animals are also seen as nature – but this is probably because of the surprise element and the amazing phenomena itself.

OK, so with nature defined, I guess it makes it easier to understand why people admire nature. Personally, like with many other things, it is the fact of significance. It is the fact that we are a single human being, that’s one person within the human race, that lives on one country, on one big, wide planet. It’s that sudden scale that often blows people’s minds. It’s these moments of nature that remind us how many links there are in the world. Nature itself reminds us of the big world that we inhabit.

Why do you like nature? Comment below!


Thanks very much to Chelsea for letting me guest blog on this blog, and to you for reading! If you would like to read more of my writing, you can do so by visiting my blog over at The Life of a Thinker.

P.S. Thanks Liam for your contribution! I’ll be writing a post for him soon, so I’ll let you know when that’s ready.

Chelsea Louise



9 thoughts on “Nature : lover for the big world

  1. This photograph is absolutely beautiful. (Oh, how I wish for warmer weather.) Anyway, I love the way nature is used in literature. If you feel similarly, you should check out transcendentalist literature (Thoreau, Emerson, etc.). You will love it!

    1. Only just seen the comments on this guest blogs! Thanks! I’m particularly intrigued by the metaphorical aspects of nature, it’s used by poets to mean so many different things!

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