Ta -Da March


With these Ta-Da posts, I write about what’s stood out for me in the month. These posts are purely for me, because I want a recap come the end of the year (the others are in the black book,) so I can bask in the fun again. But hey, if you’re reading – thank you and carry one!

I have to point out, I would like March to stay. It’s been an incredible month full of new experiences, people, likes and hobbies. You know how I said the theme of February was work? Well March’s theme was play. I feel as though I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the fruits of my labor (for once and many more times to come!)

My biggest moment this month was getting my branding done. I had what my colleague calls a branding blitz’. For most of the day you sit with her, tell her your ideas and she then creates everything that you need for your business branding. I got a lot more to write on this BUT I’ll be saving it for my new website’s blog (phew I hear you say.)ย Essentially this is what we came up with… signature inspired.

Logo - social media headers - business cards
Logo – social media headers – business cards

Although I have worked for myself for a number of years, somehow it feels more ‘grown up’ and official to have my own branding and website. (Give you a ยฃ5 if you can guess what made me choose green!)

Ah grown up Chelsea.

An aim of mine this year was to get more creative. My business relies on my ability to look at things at new angles, so I’ve to explore my creativity in a number of ways. Although I do love photography, and writing, it’s nice to get my hands dirty.

I have joined my local crafting group that’s called Gluing for Grown Ups. It’s a community based project, and because of that it’s ยฃ1 with all materials included. Each month there’s a theme and you can do anything from mask making, origami, and crocheting etc. I love it especially because she uses the local suppliers of Oswestry.

I was thrilled to combine this craft evening whilst my Nan was visiting. It brought back memories of when she used to drop me off aged 11 at craft club for my fun (and her sanity most probably!) It’s awesome that many years later on – she’s now doing it with me.

Must remember to tell you that we got afternoon tea and with lemon meringue pie, raspberry cake and the rest. You know afternoon tea is supposed to be a once in a while treat? Yeah I’ve never heard of that either.

I said in my last Ta-Da post that I wanted to get my camera out, and that’s what I’ve been doing. Although I’ve been practicing more on cakes and tea than flowers and hills. Saying that, I’ve an awesome shoot planned next weekend which I’m very excited for, because it’s a little bit different. So keep an eye (or two) out.

Here’s a picture that I took the other day, just to check that my fingers were still working. This little stream is just by my place, and it’s got so many flowers along the grassy verge!


Health wise – I’m doing good! Swimming lots, burlesquing, eating yummy veg via Box Of Goodness and I went on my first bike ride yesterday BUT that’s another post for this week.

I have to admit, I’ve spent more time in cities this month but I’ve been so very thankful to get back. And because I’ve such lovely friends who know what I like, I’m constantly getting nature inspired pictures sent to me, to spur my photo taking passion on as well as to remind me of why I live here!!!

lamb close up

run away

The following pictures made me laugh! Meet Mr Ed… My friend’s little friend who visits him during office hours…


duck2 duck1to-

As for writing, my book has taken a back seat. Purely because my site has had to come first. I’m conscious that I’ve made such big deal of it via Twitter, and people keep asking me when it will be done. I won’t fob you off with Rome wasn’t built in a day! But, rest assured I will be completing it this summer. A sure sign of that is, I’m sending my first chapter of it to one of my favourite blogger friends…

The last moments of March were spent pondering why my lime slice floated to the bottom in my pint of water. I thought fruit floated?


I’ve been Chelsea, thank you and good night.


5 thoughts on “Ta -Da March

  1. Ah, March… My favourite month. The last day of it was my birthday! ๐Ÿ˜€

    As for the post, same here regarding my book! I’ve been super busy, but should have some time soon! Regarding the fiver… Easy, because you like nature! ๐Ÿ˜› Five pounds please! ๐Ÿ˜›

    Ooh, I wonder who this blogger friend might be? Either way, I wouldn’t mind a looksie at this new book! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Oh Liam, I didn’t realise!! Aww Happy Birthday – 17?

      Aw nice to know that you’re still continuing… it’s a girl blogger, purely because she’s into my genre, but I wouldn’t mind sending you a few pages, I just don’t think it would be your type! ๐Ÿ˜›

      Heheheh you’re entirely right – that was far too EASY!!!

      1. Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€

        Haha! Well, romantic comedy (if I’m right?) isn’t really my thing – though I’m happy to comment from an editorial perspective or beta reader perspective…


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