Whittington Castle Photoshoot

Happy Easter dear readers! 

I had such a fun day at Whittington Castle on Thursday with Jujj, Alun and Candy. It really is a great location for a photoshoot as it’s got a dramatic back drop!

Apart from turning up 2 and a bit hours late due to my hair being a lot of work for a hair artist, I’ve a lot of admiration for Jujj- it was a great day!  Albeit cold, I’m really happy you can’t tell on my photos.  It took 3 hours to individually crimp my hair and she said she’s going to need to get a few extra crimping irons if I’m going to be sticking around.. oops! 😉 If you are looking for hair-ups in Oswestry I would recommend Izzy from Jujj.

It’s always funny doing a photoshoot outside purely because of the looks from passersby. It didn’t help that the castle is practically the main focus of the village so you certainly can’t go unnoticed.

Anyhow, I shall not ramble so here is what we got. What do you think?

bb2 bb3 a.1 a.3 me111111
haha hair11111 bb1castleleg


4 thoughts on “Whittington Castle Photoshoot

  1. The photos are gorgeous and you look absolutely stunning! The peacock feather dress is my favourite, and well done for staying out in the cold – you can’t tell! xx

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