Easter in Ellesmere

I had my nan visit over the Easter bank holiday. I love when she comes over not just because she brings sacks of goodies (usually chocolate related,) but we always make an effort to go out and explore Shropshire.


Now the warmer and drier weather is here, it means my camera comes too. Our destination was Ellesmere. I’ve been before, but it was her first time. Since it was the Easter bank holiday, it meant there were a load of activities on including boat rides and pony rides too! The boat ride was an awesome thing to do. £4 for half an hour, we slowly went around the mere, watching the birds relaxing and nesting in their quiet nature reserve.  I love water, everything about it, so this was ideal. The gentle rocking of the boat, the humming of the engine and the spray of the water made me feel completely peaceful.


The sun was shining proudly, the Canadian geese were baring the teeth at the passersby with food, and it was a perfect opportunity to get an ice cream or two. It really is a relaxing place to just sit and admire the mere whilst you listen to the surrounding wildlife. You wouldn’t believe it’s situated just off a busy main road. It’s right on the Llangollen canal too, and I’m attempting that walk very soon!



Ellesmere itself is a quaint little town. Sharp winding roads, and a mixture of century old cottages and brand new houses. It’s obvious when a lot of these old houses were built, that there were no roads around just fields. But like most places, they’re ever expanding and ever developing. It makes me wonder how many of these little villages will stay little and for how long? I certainly can’t talk – I was from a big city and looking for that quiet piece of bliss. I suppose we all are but now I’m here, it’s like everyone else can stay away. I’m sure they all say that too!



After a walk around the mere, we decided to stop off for some food. Our destination was ‘The Red Lion. A traditional pub which was thriving and after the food we had, I could fully see why!

I’m always impressed when I dine out and the veggie cuisine doesn’t consist of ‘lentil burgers.’ I do love lentil burgers but there is a myriad of creative dishes out there. These guys had lasagne, curries, risottos, soups, pastas in Italian and Indian etc styles so we were spoilt for choice.

I went for asparagus and lemon risotto with chips and garlic bread. Nan went for a a masala with chips and rice. Both costing just over £10 – we were two impressed veggies! Lovely service – warm environment and a great price.

Ellesmere was a lovely day for both of us, and It’s definitely one of the places I’ll be going back to this summer.

I’ve some pictures floating around on my Flickr account of last year’s visit too.

Thanks for reading

Chelsea Louise


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