Wales Adventures

To start my bank holiday off, my lovely friend Phil came to visit me and we took off with our cameras and a picnic (he brought cookies – I was impressed!) to Wales. It’s only 3 miles away so I can literally pop next door which is handy!

Pictures taken and (c) by me.

Llanrhaedr Waterfall

Our first visit was to Llanrhaedr waterfall.  I’ve been here a few times and it’s such a lovely place. The first time was before I moved and it was actually one of the deciding factors that made me up sticks.  The walk to the top of the waterfall is a bit of a trek but the views make it worthwhile (plus an excuse to catch your breath.) Among the sheep, we found a resident peacock that was perched on the gate (as you do) watching proudly over the land.

Llanrhaedr Waterfalls


This time it was nice to also get to wander around the bottom of the waterfall where it’s most dramatic with crashing water against the large moss covered boulders. It’s very damp around these parts and smells of wet lush grass.   I love the sound of water and  I’ll know I’ll be living very near to it soon!


Llanrhaedr Waterfa


Lake Vrynwy

Back in the car, it was a short hop over to Lake Vrynwy. I’m not too sure if I’ve mentioned this before but it’s my favourite place in the entire of Wales. There’s just something so peaceful about the lake – it’s still – serene and a place to collect your thoughts.

Lake Vrnywy

I spent my 23rd Birthday in October and can’t believe it’s been 7 months since I was last there!  It’s a perfect place for a wonder around the sculpture park and to visit what’s supposed to be the tallest trees in Wales (so I’ve been told) and a picnic on the giant sized tables; whilst you feed the flock of birds that eat bread from your hand.

Lake Vrynwy

It was once a town that got made into a dam that now supplies water to Liverpool. On some days you can still see the tops of the church and you’ve to watch out when you’re canoeing!



(Most probably the only place that I can pronounce in Wales properly without getting funny looks!)

The drive too Bala is spectacular. We drove over what I can only describe as derelict hills full of nothing but hard grass, and very fluffy sheep. There’s not a house or power line for miles and the only sign of man is the well kept winding road and barriers to shield you from a very long way down..  It doesn’t get more rural than this!

Once back in civilisations (anywhere there’s a co-op) Bala struck me as a seaside-type-kinda-place although there’s no sea. Instead there’s a giant lake with sailing boats and a host of nearby shops with all water activity equipment.  I’m guessing it’s a paradise for watersports (the water is the clue.) 


It was a lovely day, with great company and it stayed dry too (what next?!)

What are you doing this bank holiday weekend?



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