Country Living & its Lifestyle Lessons (part 3 )

I’ve been living in the blissful Shropshire countryside for about 18 months now ( I still don’t have a pet sheep nor learnt how to drive a tractor) and I’m constantly learning the ‘new ways’ of living. I’ve got over not being able to buy veggie friendly cheese at the farmer’s markets and remembering to carry a spare pair of mud friendly shoes,  just in case I’ve to do a divert into the cow pat filled fields – so here are few new lifestyle lessons.

Part two is here 

1. A chat in the middle of the road is OK. 

When driving through these little villages, it’s customary to stop and have a little conversation with familiar  faces (indicate before stopping in the middle of the road!) Seriously, if you’re planning on rushing – it’s not going to happen. I’ve been in cars with people quite clearly not from around these parts who hiss and tut. But you just can’t rush these local going-ons as they’re traditional and are obvious hints that this is indeed laid back living. So, sit back and admire the scenery or if you really must, get back on FB and let them carry on.

2. Keep calm and tractor on

It’s also customary to get stuck behind a tractor, a horse wagon or something else that’s transporting land ‘stuff.’  Hey it’s not countryside living if you don’t have an encounter with a tractor…

3.   Animals own the roads.

Sheep will dart out in the middle of the road and especially if you’re out in the sticks going towards Wales. There are dozens of mountain type sheep (humped back sheep a bit like camels but with more fluff than hump!) owning the roads.  It’s quite common to see pheasants too and grouse bobbing along so be aware, and slow down as it’s their territory.

4. Everyone knows everyone.

It’s a bit like Made in Chelsea (not that I watch it at all…) although it’s not as incestuous as that show can be (so I’ve heard.) But if you’re a serial dater, it could get complicated…

5.  Don’t go walking all blacked out down country lanes.

Hey I was a road safety officer (year 6) but it’s a bit like my theory test, if  you don’t use it then you loose it! So yes, have some sort of reflective gear on. I’ve told you the obvious haven’t I? It’s like me saying don’t walk on motorways…  I of course knew this… (aged 21)

6. Stock up.

It’s not acceptable to walk up to town (40 minutes away) for pizza or cream cakes. The done thing is to buy in bulk or online, other wise you’ve to admit that you have some sort of eating cake obsession. I’m pretty sure that I mentioned this one but it’s more of a gentle reminder to myself.

It will be interesting to see what the next few months will teach me. 😉

I’ve been Chelsea Louise – thanks for having me!





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