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6 lessons over 6 years of blogging

How long?

I was talking to a newbie blogger the other day when she asked me how long I’d been blogging for. 6 years flashed through my mind – had it really been that long? Yes! my first blog was ‘a writer without a pen’ it was my first lover and it got me into trouble on a number of occasions (as most lovers do!)

It went like this…

It was my intention to use it to document my life as a newbie writer, but not longer after I began freelancing for a lifestyle magazine where I was paid to write about lifestyle and dating. It was no surprise then that my blog turned into a diary of all of my dates.

I won’t tell you about the professional pick-up artist, who tracked me down just to prove a point (it was never proven may I add!)

2 years later and over a 1 million views, I shut it down because I was too busy blogging for others. I missed blogging for myself in the mean time ( 4 years) and whilst I blogged for others, I contemplated setting up another, in fact I did but it just didn’t feel the same!

And now?

When I moved to lovely Shropshire – I felt like a new chapter of my life had begun and a new blog was born.

6 years of personal and professional blogging has taught me…

1. People automatically assume that they know everything about you.

When you write about most of the ‘stuff’ that goes on inside of your head, it’s natural for people to think that they know you, better than you do yourself. In some cases, that’s been true. It’s always very interesting to meet people who’ve read my writings, and hear their perspectives on me. This has more than once given me new takes on myself!

What I will say is us bloggers edit, edit and then edit again. We’re clever enough to not include too real much life detail and we’re good story tellers. So don’t take us too literal!

2. It makes having a relationship that little bit more challenging.

Suddenly everything that you write becomes about your other half (or so they think.) But if you don’t write about them, they’re not special enough (so they say.) And then if you do write about then well… you can’t win either way.

It also makes dating a challenge because you know that mystery you’re supposed to give off in the beginning? Well, it goes as soon as they stalk out your url. Thanks Twitter.

Oh and I’m sure your ex bookmarks you too…

3. You know stuff and people want to know that stuff.

Having stuff that other people want sends you kind of on a power trip (in a good way!) It’s allowed me to take the important knowledge and pass it on. Blogging has that wonderful ability to empower, inspire and educate.  And of course to be empowered, inspired and educated.

That’s a beautiful thing right there.

4. There are communities within communities that share the love.

As John Lennon said all you need is love and how right he was. I’ve particularly found this within the blogging world. It doesn’t matter what you write about, there will always be a community that opens their virtual arms to you.

I’m inspired by just how many bloggers both pros and newbies are there to encourage, offer praise and be your blogging buddies. I’m very fortunate to have some – Liam, Charlotte,  Christine, Melanie and so on.

5. Words are power

Somewhere at sometime, someone will be reading what you’ve written. This reminds me to write with intent, with love, with humor and most of all grace.

Change that reader’s lives, perspectives, thoughts, and/or emotions in someway or another. Just give back. A little goes a long way.

One blog won’t change the world but it’s a brilliant start!

6. Blogging gives you pride

There’s something about owning a corner of the internet. It’s so vast, it’s a bit like having a star named after you (albeit some think that’s cheesy!) For me it’s given me professional pride and has helped me gain contracts, free lunches, and other free ‘stuff.’ Putting the material bits to one side, it’s also helped me prove to myself that I can do it, and do it well.

It also gives me personal pride when someone takes the time to read what I’ve written. To actually take time out of their busy life and find out what little old me has to say.

I guess you could say I’m patriotic about being a blogger  – out and proud.

Share this post if you’re proud to be a blogger and also, tell me, what have you learned over the duration?

I’ve been Chelsea Louise, thank you and good night!






2 thoughts on “6 lessons over 6 years of blogging

  1. You are so right about #4! I started blogging as a way to motivate myself as an artist. I never expected all the words of encouragement and inspiration from other bloggers. Connecting with like minded people has been priceless and very motivating! 🙂

  2. Aw, shucks! Thanks for the mention! 😀

    I would have been blogging for two years on the 12th August this year – crikey! I have to say it’s definitely improved my writing, and it’s jolly good fun!

    Though I don’t know where I am in the community… Obviously wouldn’t say pro, but have been blogging for a while to not be considered a novice. Maybe in the middle then! 😀

    Great post! It’s got me thinking about what I’ll have to do when I reach my 2 year milestone in August! 😀

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