Llanhaedr waterfalls

Country Bumpkin is a Go

Each and every day I feel like that I’m losing my city routes and not in a superficial way such as choosing wellies over heels (although I would any day,) I mean it in the way of perspective.

For example, the other day we had a bit of heavy rain and as a result the internet went off. It was inconvenient because I had a load of work on (no change there) but, I found myself reacting differently. Usually,  I would have been ‘doing my nut in’  and staring at the screen trying to mentally make it come back on.

Instead, I found something else to do and waded it out until the next morning (without the shakes).  It may not sound like a big deal (or maybe it does?) but, when I lived in a fast paced society back in the old days, not having internet was a huge thing and would cause uproar among the masses!

My ‘ordeal’  meant that my fast paced living friends told me  how they would have been lost and asked me questions such as, how did I cope? It’s interesting how we attach a strong word – cope, with the idea of not having internet.

It says a lot about the times.

When I’m walking through empty fields with not a sound about other than from singing birds or grazing  horses,  it’s really easy to forget the rest of the world exists! When I’m wandering home  from a nightly swim and I can see the moon and stars clearly, with not a soul around, it’s easy to forget there are other realities nearby (I like to forget.)

(c) Me!

And then it happened…

Just a few days ago, a contract came up that involved  writing for a top travel company in London. It would have meant me being in London for two days a week at their offices. (Would I’ve to ditch the wellies?!) The job description ‘writing about luxury travel’ sounded right up my street and the money was attractive too!

Going back about 3 years ago  I would have jumped at the chance (like a dog does when you show him the lead.)  Then something really weird happened, my little voice began to make excuses of why I shouldn’t apply.

I worked out that in just 1 day of travelling I’d have to get a : bus, train, hop on the tube and start back all over again plus a taxi to get home. That didn’t include the next day… I have a lot of friends who commute and seeing what it’s done to them, is a warning for me (ever seen Sean of the dead?) 

I moved away from that lifestyle, mainly to be more connected with myself and my surroundings.  It’s not just the travel that puts me off, it’s the whole way of living and being.

The truth is that I value my health both mentally and physically but it was a nice fantasy for 5 minutes or so.

Not quite the end just yet…

One thing that reminded me of my rural take over was when I said no to an urgent hair cut,  just so that I could be covered in mud whilst mountain biking.  Although the fact that I identify my hair cut as urgent  says other wise!

I’m pretty happy with myself that I’m adopting this way of living rather well.

Although perhaps it’s too early to commend myself? I think that my comment about how alpine air fresheners remind me of cars rather than forests, was a huge let down!

Oh well, on I strive.

I’d like to know if you’ve made any style changes and how you’ve found it?

I’ve been Chelsea Louise – thanks for stopping by.








3 thoughts on “Country Bumpkin is a Go

  1. The countryside is wonderful for letting you spend sometime on yourself and away from the internet, mainly because it’s notorious for losing internet in bad weather haha. Sometimes I do think it would be nice to get a break away but I would miss blogging x

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