One Northern Girl in Bath

I had the pleasure of visiting Bath on business a few weeks ago and my oh my what a lovely city!

I don’t say that often about cities…

I loved it because of  the old world feel to it. It’s got superb architecture and lot of water too (I wonder if that’s how the name came about?)

It felt a lot like London in terms of its importance yet it’s more laid back and friendlier.

And there are seagulls everywhere which was nice because it kinda reminded me of being at the seaside!

I conquered a phobia whilst in bath : hostels.  I stayed at St Christopher’s Inn which had a pub and restaurant with £7 pizza. So you know what I did with my night right?

(Oh and free breakfast too.)

I’ve a lot of travelling friends who swear by hostels but I’ve just never been that keen. However Bath gets packed quick so I needed somewhere to stay so last-minute.  I went for a chain in this case because I felt it would be more safer, rather than some backstreet cupboard hole!

I must admit I didn’t know that it was multi – sex and I nearly shot out of  the room, when a male head popped out of the bed covers nearby ( I really don’t mean it to sound like it does…)  I so needed pizza to help me digest my sheer naivety.

I met a few nice people who evening which put me at ease and I slept like a log.  I make this point purely because I normally can’t sleep when anyone is in the same room as me.

I make a wonderful girlfriend… Not!

I feel I’ve turned a corner  with my phobia and sleeping habits.

So, here’s a few snaps that I took during my day off whilst there.



Bath Locks







It has a huge town centre with lots of shops etc but once you’ve been to them in one city, they’re all the same. So I decided to head out of the bustling city centre and explore the canals, locks and parks.

I enjoyed my time in Bath and will visit again, next time I’ll stop off at their famous spa. (I actually thought  that the Roman Baths were still swim-able – turns out they’re not… Don’t ask!)

Chelsea – Louise


7 thoughts on “One Northern Girl in Bath

    1. To be honest, it was one of those places that I wouldn’t have thought about going, it was only because I had to go. That said, I’m super glad I did.

      I think you’re a bit like me with your love for the country side but honestly, Bath could actually be classed as rural! You only have to look up at the skyline, and you’ll see a mass of trees which I presume are forests.

      If you get chance to visit – go!
      Thanks for reading and commenting.

  1. I believe Bath is named because of the Roman bath! (Not 100% sure – I just have an idea)!

    You must do a blog post in the future about photography tips! Your photos are great!

    Once again, I’m inspired to go out and travel – I just need to find the time!

    Great post!


    1. That would make sense – silly me!

      Ah well, maybe one day but I don’t really know much about taking photos – I just point and shoot. I’ve been told I’ve got a good eye, so maybe that helps?

      I’m the same as you Liam in regards to wanting to travel, although further i.e. that’s the plan. Just have to make time 1st…

      Thanks for stopping by.

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