20/20 Vision : #LovingLife Weekly Smiles #6

Note : Back in the day I came up with this theme to ensure that I had something to write about. I got to week 5 and my attention span wavered. I’ve smiled a lot  since but I just forgot to write about it so I’m making up for lost time.

20 / 20 Vision Project 

My Nan’s a bit of traveler and since she’s discovered the internet, she now takes down web addresses of things that catch her eye whilst she’s on her adventures. I got a call from her this morning whilst she was on holiday in Morecambe. She began telling me about posters of beautiful wildlife and nature that she keeps seeing around the town.

You know how I love nature right? So it instantly sparked my interest.

The 20 / 20 Vision project is just fantastic. A group of writers, photographers, filmmakers  and nature lovers etc got together to support our local and national wildlife.  I especially love the way in which they’ve gone about it. I truly believe that what you focus on is what you get, and I do tend to turn away from causes who feel it necessary to show shock tactics rather than solutions and inspiring outcomes.

Their mission sums it up perfectly :

2020VISION is committed to reframing the language of conservation using powerful visual imagery to motivate fresh thinking about our dependence upon wild nature.


I think this is why I love taking pictures of nature and all of her abundance. I think by focusing on that, creates more. And no that doesn’t mean ignoring the consequences of our actions. But instead changing those actions for the better and like I said above- providing solution focused thinking.

This is my wildlife contribution. I named him Henry and I found him whilst in Wales visiting Llanrhaeadr waterfalls a few months back.


Check out their wonderful wildlife and nature gallery 

So 20/20 Vision has made me smile this week, maybe I’ll be back next week, who knows?

I’m keen to hear what’s made you smile this week so please Tweet me @CLHaden with the hashtag #lovinglife and tell me.

Chelsea Louise


One thought on “20/20 Vision : #LovingLife Weekly Smiles #6

  1. Wow, I really loved the pics on the 2020 gallery. So inspiring – I just love nature too! Just to sit and wonder at it is the most beautiful experience there is 🙂

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