Life of a Freelancer #1

Note : New theme alert! I’m not too sure how long I will keep it up (that’s what she said) but I tweet about it quite often so thought a blog series would be a good idea.

Freelancer Lifestyle

Life of a Freelancer : Evaluation

I leave June with a lot more focus.

I’ve spent time  considering what I’m actually doing. I have  figured out that I’ve been working in the business (much like being employed) rather than working on the business (as an entrepreneur does) and it’s starting to take its toll… It’s only taken me 5 years to conclude that!

Fortunately,  I like change (albeit a slow relisation) so I’ve been learning new skills, conquering silly phobias and really asking myself what’s the point of it all?

At a training course recently, the instructor said

‘ No one gets to the end of their life and says they wished they had spent more time in the office.’

It’s a good point right?

So for me I’ve been figuring out  how to streamline (techy word) everything and make fun my priority; whilst maintaining a balance of working in and on the biz.

One of the biggest decisions that I’ve decided to do with my current biz it to get rid of some of the services that I really don’t enjoy. It’s a bit of a challenge because some are my bread and butter  however, when I don’t enjoy something it reflects upon my work.  When that happens, I don’t get to shine like a star with my  ‘fun’ services – reputation is everything!

Whilst I’ve not had any complaints, self pride and satisfaction is a big factor for me.

Freelancer Habits

I kind of fell into being self employed.  It was just something I new that I would do. An employed job wasn’t an option  but because I just fell into it,  the vision and the bigger picture wasn’t there.  So this brings me back to my question : why am I doing it?

I had my first coaching session today. We talked about values. Values are what motivate you to do what you’re doing. It occurred to me that I need to have a rethink of mine.  What are yours?

Working in the biz means that you’re caught up with the small stuff. I mean the smaller stuff does matter but it shouldn’t matter too much because you’ll always stay small.

My first step to working on the business was to develop a service / product that allows me freedom in terms of location and working hours.  I technically have that now but I want it on a bigger scale.

Today I took the day off ‘work’ and put some steps into place to get the ball rolling.  I put my goal down on to paper. It felt good.

So are you working in or on it?

Chelsea Louise



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