Countryside Living & Its Lifestyle Lessons (Part 4)

Yo (do they still say yo any more?) Guess who’s back – back again? OK I’ll stop and just get on with it. My countryside living & its lifestyle lessons are becoming quite a theme now!

Countryside Lessons

Here’s what I’ve been learning lately whilst in the Shropshire hills enjoying the fresh air.

1. Crocs / clogs are the business

My nan used to wear these, personally I think they’re ugly as,  BUT, and don’t tell anyone that I said this… they’re super practical!

I even have a pair (god for bid) in my defence I didn’t buy them, I sort of acquired them by lending them off someone and then they just seemed to like my wardrobe. Er.. .you’ve still got your watch on right? (It’s not in my back pocket honest…)

Jokes aside they’re really really useful because countryside living requires a lot of going in and out doors. Many of my friends have their ridiculously sized freezers in outside sheds, so they’re much easier to slip on and nip out of then having to put on ‘proper’ shoes.

I’ve to admit they’re actually comfortable too…

2.  The locals are more trusting 

Putting aside the DO NOT ENTER and GET OFF MY LAND signs, I find country folk a lot more open and inviting.

Just as an example, when I first moved in, I got speaking to a neighbour for like 5 minutes, you know the usual hello and where do you come from? Just after that conversation, I was invited to pop around any time and have a bounce on their trampoline (as you do) and to use their grass (lawn) at my disposal.

18 months (ish) on and I’ve got keys and invitations to work from various neighbours’ houses.

Back in the city, I’d have to go through security checks and passport control just to get a dinner invite….

3.  Vegetarianism is a foreign language

Vegetarianism – where is that language native too? I got asked this question at a farmers’ market a few months ago… He thought it was a language  er, I didn’t correct him.

Although to be fair, Shropshire has a big Vegan community which I’ve discovered in recent times. But I swear in the winter months when it gets dark early, I wouldn’t tell the local shops of my veggie ways.

4.  It’s perfectly normal to bump into your Twitter followers

So I was strolling home after some home-made gluten-free cake and a hair cut, when a man came up to me and said,’ you’re Chelsea aren’t you?’ I’m quick to say ‘depends on who’s asking’ but it turns out it’s the husband of a wife who I kind of know who owns a local ice cream business.

It’s not much of big deal bumping into someone who you semi know is it? But back in the land of the dead (also known as the city) people just didn’t stop to say boo never mind ask you how you’re mountain biking is coming along.

In fact, the city is so big you’re not really likely to just bump into an acquaintance.

I have had this happen a few times, and it’s even more weird when you’re not following the person who claims to know you over Twitter.

There you have it – 4 more country lifestyle lessons.

Chelsea Louise



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