A Letter to my Teen Self

I got this idea quite recently when one of my younger friends (16) was going through some boy issues and general teen things that we all go through. It was funny because I was giving her the same advice that my peers had given me (me a peer? Jeeze!)

So I thought about what I would tell my teen self. I chose age 13 because I was just about to be taken out of school due to bullying and harassment. So as you can imagine, my teen years, well, they were a little complicated.

Dear 13 year old Chelsea,

If there is one thing that you should know : Life goes on!

Those people in school that follow you around calling you names are going to end up in a not so very nice place. Wish them well, they’re just children and no one makes you feel small – only you allow that. Remember that you control your own emotions no one else.

It’s OK that you’re not academic. You’ll grow up in an age where creativity is rewarded but  just have some form of vision. That teacher who mocks you because you’re not that great at maths, you’ll realise that in the adult world – calculators exist. And what’s better than that? A bookkeeper that’s what!  Remember to ask for help when you need it.

I know you had many disproving looks when you were taken out of the education system. However, your communication skills will progress so much faster that you’ll be years ahead of your chronological age and this will benefit you greatly. Just remember to listen more than you talk.

Those people that mocked you along the way ended up pushing trolleys. But don’t judge,  instead hope that they find their own way. Remember, we all just want to be happy.

You’re going to meet a lot of people in the next few years – some good and some not so but each one is meant to pass some form of message on to you. Listen and take note.

And If I could tell you anything Chelsea, remember that your outlook – perspective is the biggest tool that you have in life. Use it to its full advantage.


Your older and wise (er) self.

If you could tell your teen self anything, what would it be? Please write a post and share it with me.


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