Photography Adventures : Hello Nikon D70

It was a proud moment for me on Monday when I was handed my first ever Nikon. It’s all mine – every part of it.  I know it sounds geeky, but I’ve wanted to own a ‘proper’ camera ever since I started taking pictures about a year or so a go.

I was advised not to get a big flashy (no pun intended) camera and instead just get a cheap one to act as my stabilizers.  My Hitachi bridge camera cost me a modest £120 and has served me very well. It’s taught me the basics, although not all of them.  I got heavily involved in taking pictures of landscapes, wildlife,  nature and soon realised that my point and shoot camera was rather limited.


I started off shooting in automatic mode like every beginner does and should. Soon though, I began fiddling (techy term) around with the manual settings and discovered it couldn’t cope with night time photography (among other things) which is something I want to learn more about.

I was always under the impression that professional cameras were very expensive (and they are) so I left the idea alone until a future date. But I was recently pleasantly surprised to find all of this for just £150 (2nd hand) from a local photographer who was using the money to put towards an upgrade.

Nikon D70, 2 batteries, charger, 300mm telephoto lens, Nikkor lens, and hoods

Nikon D70, 2 batteries, charger, 300mm telephoto lens, Nikkor lens, and hoods.

I’ve now passed on my camera to a loving home (my mum) and I felt a twang of guilt because it will always be my first love. But I am super excited and keen to ponder on what I will learn with my Nikon D70.

I’m keen to know what equipment you use.

These were some of my favourite pictures that I captured with my Hitachi.

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CLHaden Photography

CLHaden Photography

CLHaden Photography







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