August Activities : Gimme 5

C L Haden

1. Learn how to code: Girls can code

I blame all of these WordCamps (WordPress related events) that I’ve been to recently. Being surrounding by coders, designers and programmers has inspired me and whilst I’ll never be 1/10 as genius as them, I can aspire to be.

A friend directed me on to Code Cademy – it’s a platform that allows to you learn all different types of codes by actually getting into the practical straight away. I like this and love hands on learning.  So I’ve started on html and CSS because I know it’s going to help me in future projects.

It’s literally like learning a new language but it’s fun!

2. Learn German: My French teacher would be proud

Talking of languages, I’ve started having a few German lessons and have fell in love with the language. It’s not nasal like French or raspy like Spanish (still fond of both) however German I can get my tongue around more easily.  I say that now…

I can say: how are you, I’m fine, 1-10, hello, thank you and what’s your name but I can’t spell them yet.

I am hoping to take a trip over to Germany next year so thought it was only polite.

3. Be social : I can do that with cake

I’m super excited to be taking a trip to London at the end of this month to go and catch up with a buddy I’ve not seen in over two years.

It’s scary how time flies…

4. Send off for my passport : Again

Don’t laugh. This is my first adult passport and believe me I have tried to get one before but a few things have gone wrong. I won’t get into that right now.

Can you believe I have to make an appointment for the post office to check it over? An appointment!

5. Take more photos: No shameless selfies

Enough of the YouTube tutorials and Googling how do I…

I need to get out and just do it. I plan to get capture some lovely sunsets and a few starry night. I’ve been reading a lot about night and star photography and boy it’s technical.

It’s time to christen the Nikon.

What are you doing this summer?

P.S. Of course beach trips are on my list but I did a few back in July but no doubt I’ll sneak away at some point.  😉


Chelsea- Louise


3 thoughts on “August Activities : Gimme 5

  1. Guten tag! I know a bit of German myself! I did a German GCSE taster session at school! Sadly it’s going a bit rusty… Have you heard of the app called Duolingo? It’s great and helps you to learn languages in a fun, game-like fashion!

    I’m more of a French language speaker, me. It’s not nasal, it’s romantic! Haha!

    I want to take more shots of stars/the sky too! Daytime I can do, but night-time involves fancy settings such as ISO, Aperture, and exposure – stuff I’m still trying to get my head around!

    Great post! 😀 Enjoy London!

    Liam 🙂

  2. I have the upper intermediate level in Deutsch but I quit Sprachschule because the teacher was insufferable and several years later I’ve lost a lot of vocabulary and I kind of started hating it a bit. Good luck to you though, I wish I could have finished my advanced level and be done with it, it will always bug me. I’ve nominated you for a sunshine award, you can read all about it here:

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