One Girl & Her 9 Social Media Channels

Over the weekend, I got to do some thinking (it doesn’t happen often..)  I realised just how many ways there are to contact me online:

1. Personal Facebook
2. Personal Twitter
3. 3 email addresses
4. Skype
5. A work Twitter
6. A work Facebook page
7. A work blog
8. LinkedIn

9. Pinterest

And more recently a mobile phone.

I’ve not had a mobile phone properly for a bout 3 years. I say properly because I’ve had various ones that have ended up in the bath, toilet, under my heel. You know – accidental mishaps. Ahem…

The truth is, despite my entire life being on the internet, I don’t like how public and reachable I’ve become.

As an example, a few months back I got talking to a guy in a shop who happened to ask me my name. Just my first name. When I got home, he’d managed to find me on Facebook to later ask me for a coffee.

Something has to give and Facebook seems to be chosen candidate.

Apart from the whole privacy thing I can’t do the whole I’m washing my hair go away stuff on Facebook, without someone seeing a tweet on Twitter or my blog update and then asking me why I hadn’t answered their messages on Facebook.

So, I’m just about to deactivate my Facebook (again.) I feel it’s become an avenue that requires instant attention. And it’s not like Twitter where it’s OK to send a few words to reply. Facebook requires essays and anything but is ‘ignorant.’

I have loved Facebook, have done  since I opened my account at 18 but I always said if I was to ever get a phone, the Face plant would be the first to go.

Plus, you’ll know if you’re on the internet too, just how time consuming it is to check every single avenue and respond to messages. I worked out that my Facebook ‘chatting’ time accounts for a whole two days out of my week (spread over 7 days.) I’m sure you’ll agree that’s a ridiculous amount of time waisted!

When I used to ‘switch off’ at weekends, I’d to feel the ‘pull’ of the social network;nowadays, I just feel burdened by it.

I actually prefer to go out with my camera and do ‘stuff’.It’s OK, I still have Twitter, Skype, LinkedIn, blog er (you get the gist) to er –  boast on. I feel these are easily manageable.  Sometimes I wish I could give up on them too but then I’d have to give up my job as digital writer and that would never happen…

I do remember some time ago, checking out a lady in a similar field to me but I couldn’t find anything about her on any platform apart from her website. I thought it was mad considering that social media and blogging was  what she did for a living – now I’m inclined to agree she’s a smart cookie!

Bye Facebook.  Oh an apparently they’ve got this thing called Whatsapp – will it ever end… ?

I’m keen to know your thoughts on this ‘social plane’ we live on.

Chelsea- Louise


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