Making the most of September!

September has been a wonderful month so far, the weather has been fantastic which has made for some exciting days out. Despite coming off of holiday and being welcomed by a pile of work both old and new I was adamant to take some time out.

I think I like being on holiday too much… Is that even possible?

My two favourite days were :

Meeting with my writer friend, I’ve not seen him for quite some time as he’s been busy with his book. So it was great to catch up with him and mainly get us both lost in Shrewsbury. Turns out I’d be an awful tour guide but I did mange to find us good cake! (I got this..)

Back in Shrewsbury on the Tuesday another friend and I went out on his boat and cruised up the Shrewsbury river (longest river in the country I believe.) The weather was perfect : blue skies with hot sun and the splash off the river as the boat surged trough – it was refreshing. We saw jumping trout, a king fisher and some birds of prey. 3 miles up the river we turned off the engine and just let the current take us gently, floating and reflecting and enjoying the peace and quiet.

The icing on the cake was pulling up to ‘The Boat House’ by boat to go and have a lovely lunch.  People were looking as we moored and climbed up the wall, wind swept from the previous adventures. I think they were a little envious and wanted a go!

I had a great veggie lunch with my veggie friend and we just sat over looking the quarry and the gentle river, as the local Sabrina tour boat cruised up and down.

The best thing was leaving my phone in the car and just being in the moment. I did take my camera with a hope to get some pictures but I just felt like experiencing the day through my lens rather than the cameras.

How’s your September going?

Chelsea -Louise


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