A Change of Plan!

Wow, it’s been a busy few months (I say that every month) but it really, really has! For one, I turned 24.   I had an entire weekend planned of crazy nights, awards ceremonies and birthday celebrations and then I had a seizure on the Friday (a day before my birthday) night which kind of ruined everything.  I’m having further tests but to be honest I think it was a big wake up call to tell myself that I needed a break!

So I went off social media and blogging for an entire month, and put a lot of social occasions in my diary and even took mini holidays. It’s only when you finally sit down and breath that you realise just what you’ve been putting your mind and body through.

I had quite a few photography days with my camera buddy which was nourishment for the soul. I find looking through a lens more and more peaceful these days. One of the days that stood out for me was a visit to Llanidloes. Equipped with a tall but intimidating dam with sensational views of the surrounding hills, a quaint little cafe with good home-made Victoria sponge and a trek around the The Llyn Clywedog, nearly sinking into the marsh lands and having to escape by jumping over barbed wire (there was a lot of girly shrieking) it was a fun day to remember. We finished off by visiting some ruins and photographing the nearby rushing streams and waterfalls. A true autumn day!

Another was a more recent one to Chirk castle, to capture a supposed ‘blood moon.’  After a lot of rain, pitch black skies, and one normal  coloured moon later – we gave up and went for pizza. But I learnt on this very day that  I need to invest in a new tripod, some gloves and a flask full of pizza tea!

Photographs to follow soon….

One of my favourite moments of this month was getting my first ever tattoo done (a birthday present for myself.) I’ve been talking about it for 5 whole years but have been putting off due to the ‘pain’. I finally took the plunge and got it done and loved every minute of it – it tickled!


It’s a sacred symbol ‘Om Shanti’ and is said before and at the end of Buddhist and Hindu ceremonies. There’s no one meaning to it, but it’s said to evoke peace. It was given to me  to chant during a very testing time in my early twenties and I believe, it sorted my life out rather nicely.  I’m really looking forward to getting another soon, but I need to mediate on this one so I feel it’s right and not rushed.

My new business venture and my current business have been on the go slow purely because I needed the break. But as October is nearly over, I’m starting to get back on the ball. It’s been a big challenge to get back into the swing of things but the support of my best friend has been super. In fact he’s come up with this really cool idea of a 3 week challenge. We’re going to set each other goals and challenges over the duration to help us move closer to our goals.

We’ve chosen productivity for me – and in fact this was one of my tasks:to write for myself, hence this blog! I’m still waiting on his chosen topic but we start properly on Monday.

And finally, I am taking another mini holiday and I’m going down to London at the end of this month to see the bestie and get my inner city girl on. Right before the cold weather kicks in,  and I’ve to ditch my fashionable Chelsea boots for my spotted wellies!

Any defining moments for you this month?



4 thoughts on “A Change of Plan!

  1. Oh my goodness – I didn’t realise you had been ill – hope you’re okay now and good for you taking time out from it all to recuperate. So important to listen to our bodies and it sounds like a break has done you a world of good 🙂 I love the tattoo and your break in London sounds like it will be great 🙂 xx

    1. I’m getting there, the break has done me much good! And yes but sometimes it’s so easy to ignore it also. I’m guilty of that…

      Thank you! I am looking forward to getting more, yes I’m sure it will be just what I need.

      Thanks for stopping by! xx

      1. Oh I’m so glad 🙂 was worried about ya! I’m exactly the same – totally burnt myself out at the start of the year, but a good break from everything really helped. Sometimes we need things to get too much before we can recognise the signs – I’m much better at listening to my body since 🙂 xxx

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