My Home Lake Vyrnwy Spa

I’ll always remember when I moved up to this part of the country and I was taken to a place called Lake Vyrnwy. It was one of the most beautiful places that I’d ever seen.

The lake on a clear day is glass like, and the air on a winter day is refreshing (like a Sprite!) I fell in love with it and decided that one day I’d live there.

Lake Vrynwy Spa

In the mean time, I’ve been there with my camera lots because there’s so much more to photograph other than the magnificent lake. There’s a lovely forest with some unusual sculptures, a bird sanctuary, a few hotels and then there’s tons of water activities – canoeing was my favorite.

And then I discovered Lake Vyrnwy’s hotel and spa (and if you know me, spas are my thing…) For £20 you can go spend the day in there and use their Jacuzzi, ice bucket, aromatherapy showers, steam and sauna.  But really you pay for the view of the place – they’ve cleverly designed the spa so it over looks the lake. And let me tell you this, whilst those bubbles rush over your now utterly relaxed and warm skin and you drink in the sights, it’s like nothing else matters in the world.

They do a load of treatments too (as you’d expect in a spa) and my favourite was the body mud and scrub for my 22nd birthday. Somewhere the pictures of that are lurking about…

Lake Vrnwy  Spa

I went over the weekend whilst visiting some old friends. It was a spare of the moment decision. I didn’t have my Nikon with me so the phone camera had to do instead…

But you get the idea right?

If you get the chance – do visit!


3 thoughts on “My Home Lake Vyrnwy Spa

  1. I live in nearby town Oswestry and i agree, it really is one of the most beautiful places. I feel really lucky to live so close by, it’s one of those hidden gems that’s not as popular with tourists.

    Make sure you come back soon!

    1. Hey Luke, you live in the same town as me! Yes, and the fact you need a car to get to it, means it’s not as accessible which is good but not for those of us who don’t drive. 😉

      Oh I will be, very often.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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