Challenge Accepted: 137 miles in 3 Days on a Bike!

A few of you may have seen me banging on about swimming, biking and a lot of healthy eating. I’m not bragging honestly, it’s just I’ve agreed to do a coast to coast challenge in May 2015 for a charity called Sound Sense.

137 miles in 3 days…

Coast to Coast

I’m fundraising for it currently, my target is £350 and I’m  at £80 already which I’m super grateful to those who’ve contributed so far.

This challenge has come at a very good time. I’m not so sure if you’ve read my prior blogs but I’ve been having some health issues lately. I’m not going to lie it’s been getting me down and most probably, I’ve brought a lot of it on myself.

I’ve not been eating properly, I’ve been working all hours god sends and I’ve just not been taking care of myself – it was only natural that it was going to physically manifest, I just didn’t realise it was going to be via seizures.

Anyway, during my trip back home last month, I met up with my friend Phil (who’s also doing this coast to coast challenge) and he’s on a health kick too. I’ve been amazed at the changes he’s made with his diet especially, and he’s inspired me to do it also.

I’ve made a conscious effort to start improving my diet and it’s only been small changes I’ve made so far such as :

1. Having breakfast

2. Eating regularly

3. Eating more nuts and grains

I’ve seen differences already – I’ve energy for starters! And then comes the actual exercise…. My challenge is up in the Lake District, so you can imagine how hill ridden (beautiful too) it’s going to be! This means my cardio is being addressed and I’m swimming 3 times a week at about 40 mins a go.

Today I also got back on my bike.  At the beginning of the year, I was really big into mountain biking for about 6 months and then I just stopped….


So, with 137 miles in 3 days to complete, the games on!

I’m planning to make my getting fit adventures as interactive as I can such as videoing my Llandegla ride next weekend.  It will help to spur me on, even when it’s pouring down in the Shropshire Hills and I’m biking up them wheezing and wandering why I’m doing this…

And of course, it’s for a good cause too.

I couldn’t think of anything more fulfilling to do.

I’d very much appreciate your donations to help me along and if you’re a business, then I’m also more than happy to give you some free promo as a way of saying thanks!


7 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted: 137 miles in 3 Days on a Bike!

  1. Wow great on you! And best of luck 🙂 I think it’s great you are doing this. I really need to get my ass in gear and cycle, I used to love it when I was younger 🙂

  2. Chelsea, i do hope you are okay. This is going to be a big achievement, theres nothing you can’t do. Prob why you are such a busy lady. I need to change my diet.. fruit and nuts,seeds, juice… 2015 i’m going to have an energy boost 🙂

    1. Hello lovely lady!

      Thank you, those are words of encouragement and yes I can do everything that I put my mind to! As can you!

      Yes, a big change in lifestyle for both of us and one we must stick to…

      I am fine and feeling much more healthier these days. x

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