MTB: Llandegla on Ice

So this week I’ve upped my game with my exercise. I’ve been aiming to do 40-50 min swims three times a week. The first was easy to do because I was refreshed from a weekend off so I had a ‘let’s do this!’ attitude. The second time was bit more of a push because I’d been biking on my ‘rest’ day but with a few inner complaints I did it.  The last swim of the week, I really pushed myself and I smashed 50 mins and even did a 15 min cool down.

But the real fitness test for me was going mountain biking around Llandegla! It’s been 6 months since I tackled this place and I certainly wasn’t  looking forward to ‘Cardio hill.’

Llandegla Reservoir

It turned out to be a great day although there was a lot of puffing and panting. The weather was superb even though most of the track was covered in ice and there were some very slippery parts – I manage to stay on.  I’ve only ever been during the summer but I actually prefer this time of year. The scenery is surreal and it’s a nice distraction from the pain in your muscles.


When you first set off, you’re riding through a lush ever green forest that’s quietly deafening, the ascent’s not too much of a challenge (I wasn’t saying this during) and it’s a nice starter. However, once you leave the forest, you’re out in the open (for us, it was blazing sun) and there are Christmas trees everywhere.  And this is where the climb happens…  I did stop a few times but I really wished I hadn’t , because it was that icy, it was hard to get your footing and grip to carry on pedaling.

Half way up...
Half way up…
Drink stop...
Drink stop…

Thinking back to it, it was Llandegla that gave me the bug for biking and I’d be there most days if I could!

It was such a fantastic day and although I am healthy eating, their monster burgers and brownies were far too good to miss!

Veggie burger for me!
Veggie burger for me!

And if you’re wondering why I’m trudging up hills in the ice then please have a read of my fundraising blog. In short, I’m raising money in May for charity and cycling 137 miles in 3 days.

I’d really appreciate a donation to help me a long so click on my Just Giving page and donate – thank you!

C L Haden


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