It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

How original can you get with a title like that eh?

It’s taken me a while to get into the festive season this year, I suppose coming from a small family with no children in it, does that to you. Although I certainly have a lot of friends with kids and I’ve been on the baby sitting duties whilst they’ve enjoyed their festive ‘one time a year, can we have a break from them night out?’

But my feeling festive started when I went ice skating in Telford last Friday. There’s nothing like face planting cold and hard ice to really bring it home to you.  Sarcasm aside, I really did have such a great and kinda romantic evening (perfect excuse for hand holding!) at the ice skating disco. I later learnt that flashing lights, loud music and slippery surfaces don’t go too well when I’m around…

And then there’s the Christmas shopping. I ventured into Tesco’s on Monday and realised that trolley etiquette should be enforced in every nursery, school, work place and organisation. An hour and a bit later with still in tact limbs we had enough to feed the 5 thousands …. After all, two days is plenty of time to feed that amount isn’t it?

Don’t get me started on present shopping. I did get a few out of the way last week because I was due to hand the goods over before friends went away. It was here that I discovered married people, especially the husbands get off lightly when it comes to present shopping.  They pass all of their festive duties on to their wives… And sign off with ‘love from both of us!’ Urm yes.

Just like my mate who’s asked me to do his Christmas shopping for his other half and a few friends of the family. I claim It’s because I have excellent taste… Urm yes.

Every year, I leave most of mine  till Christmas eve (I’m a masochist just like my friend’s mum casually pointed out…) but actually I like the adrenaline!  And then I’ll be rewarded with some hot food from friends whilst doing a quick present drop.

I won’t be getting off lightly this year on Christmas day as I’ve been roped into sharing cooking duties – there will be six of us.Thankfully we’re all veggies, so one mustn’t grumble! Actually since my health kick, I’m really enjoying cooking…  I’m even doing a bit of midnight baking (short bread!)

I’d just like to wish my readers a very merry Christmas whatever you may be doing.

Lots of love


C L Haden


2 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

  1. lovely post, glad you are now in the festive spirit! who were you holding hands with? erm, have i completely missed this romance?!? hope you have a fantastic Christmas x

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