Barmouth Harbor

My year in words and pictures : Happy New Year

I’ve done so much last year, it’s actually a challenge to write about it in detail. Therefore I’ve decided to put it into some random words in a hope that it will make sense.

Before I do, I will say that my theme for 2014 has been about freedom, adventure and saying yes more! 2013 wasn’t so much of a good year for me – I’d picked up a lot unhealthy habits and people and it left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. However that was all about to change and so it did.

So my words for 2014 are :

Mountain biking, spas, hiking, landscapes, beaches, camping. photography, horses, great food, greater friends, sunsets, moons, health, fitness, laughter, yes, public speaking, bruises. adventure, romance, hedonism, and adrenaline.

Here are some of my favourite pics to sum up my year:



BarmouthBarmouth Harbor

Greens, Manchester
Snapped by Phil

Lake Vrynwy Spa

Chirk Castle


photo (89)


Buckingham Palace


(c) @mkjones Can you spot me?
(c) @mkjones


My words for 2015 are : Pro active, love, calculated risk.

How about you?

C L Haden


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